I forgot to water my medium before dropping my auto flower seed


I’m a newbie here and I’m growing my first indoor Hindu kush

auto flowering seeds.

I forgot to water the medium (fox farm: ocean forest)
Before dropping the seed in the soil. It’s only been one-day. After germination I poked a one inch hole and dropped it, covered it with some soil lightly and sprayed water just around it. Did not saturate it with water or anything. Did I mess up?

It’s been 27 hours since I dropped it in the medium and it’s currently looking like this:

Keep the seed area moist, not wet, and you should be seeing your sprout pop up any time now

It should be fine


And it will take a little while but it has nothing to do with not having moistening the soil first

I think my last seedling took 2 or 3 days to pop out of the soil

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Not necessarily some seeds respond to drier soil better then others throw in a liter an you’ll be fine