I finally pressed some dabs

Hi guys i think i finally worked out my press i pressed some gorilla glue today and i got rosin for once i dont know how much i got but i got it but now i dont have anything to dab with


Are you using a machine for extraction?

I have a hand held press thay does pretty good. We dont dab too often, its a young kids game, lol

Yah im using a press and im not in my 20s anymore im 46 ive never dabbed before so i thought i will try it and im looking at making a nice clean oil with the dabs aswell

This is my press


Nice machine, mine is called the juice box…it does low qty…

I have found some home grown weed doesnt het a chance to fully ripen, and produce little to none oils…I keep telling the dude to hold off cutting them down…but he goes and harvests way to early…it’s like weed potpourri…smells great, but no oils or any affect from smoking.

Dabs are for Fridays, when I can be a vegetable on the couch…no wonder no one wants to work…

Happy dabbin


I cant wait to have a dab i have to buy the right tool for the job


Hi peeps, this is the only way i smoke my flowers lol, good luck enjoy i have been pressing for 5 years now and love it same machine for 5 years🙂


Thats a nice machine nug masher im either going to modify this press i have i may make new plates for it make them bigger and add a hydraulic jack to it aswell so i can add more pressure


Thanks@Aussie_autos, nice! Your on the right track, this is my first grow ever LoL🤙 meet Miss Willow gg4 autoflower


Lmao@Derf02368 nobody wants to work well duh… im not defending myself but i do have to work for living lol…well anyways have a awesome time growing and pressing​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

@Aussie_autos this is what i use it’s a oura from kandy pens and oh boy its worth the $$$


Wow that looks kool im getting a new glass stem and a dab pot aswell i think thats what it is called


Lovely plant

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I did some more pressing today i got alot more