I feel Like Things Are Getting Better

Seems like things are getting back on track with my plants. Got the PH under control and they are greening back up. Lmk what you think. @dbrn32 @Niala @Whodat66


Also, are these pre flowers??


Looks like they could still green up a bit, but nothing scary. Are you using Cal-mag? I just know that for soil related stuff, if the plants are yellowing a little won’t hurt. I think super dark bluish-green is a sign of too much.

Definitely looking better, and yes appears to be showing a few preflowers.


Does that mean it’s time!!!

Yes I am. Adding a VERY small amount of nutes too. I fimmed a little and lst’d Some also. I think raising the lights helped a tad too

Time to flip? It means you can, but to can veg them longer if you want bigger plants too.

Ask a pro, but they may need more. That might be the problem too.

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I’m thinking 2 more weeks so some of the other bud sites exposed by the LST can catch up. Also give the FIM time to heal etc.

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Ok. Got ph in check so I’m going to see if the unlocking helps green them more in a couple days.

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You might want to consider switching gradually for 3 weeks. I do it by going 16/8 a week,15/9 a week and 14/10 before flipping to 12/12. When I flip to full flower, the plants are showing nice white flowers. It’s something I picked up here on the forum last year and I think it makes a difference @Familyman. Maybe because it mimics nature a little better.


Hey,hey,hey!!! Look at these new growth sites…:eyes::+1::ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do some pruning on the lower leaves that will go on to chlorosis and fall anyway…

Honestly, I see some protuberance but to soon to determine sex…

Keep going the good work, buddy :+1::ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And please, @Familyman, try to keep everything on or in the same topic, my friend :wink: , it’s much easier for us to keep track…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~Al :v::innocent:

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Thanks buddy! Is protuberance where the joints swell?? Also, I’ll keep it all together!!

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Yep, and also where you find stipules, :wink::v: