I feel like these are ready to chop!?!?.... Opinions please

I know they are close… But are any ready to be chopped?












Ones with the fewest white pistils may be a lot closer than the ones with still white pistils. You want the pistils to be 95% brown ideally.


The picture quality makes them look full of white pistils, but looking at rest of plants that may just be flash or something.


I retook the last three plant pics cause the flash was too much on the first post.

Plant #7 is pretty well red hairs… A few white… The other two have more white #9 being the most… I wasn’t sure if those were fox tailing.

The tricomes have been mostly cloudy for a week or two… Only very few ambers found… But could be reflected off red hairs.

The 18th will be 8 weeks since the flip to 12/12.

Should i just try to be patient until the 18th and recheck then?

Keep an eye on them daily at this point. Close…


Is this one ready? I can post more pics of the others a bit later.

This is plant #7:
Snapshot@2020_1112_163422 Snapshot@2020_1112_163517 Snapshot@2020_1112_163635 Snapshot@2020_1112_163756

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Can’t tell if I’m looking at a sugar leaf or not but they look good to me

Thank you…I will post more pics after dinner…including an overall of #7 in white light.

If they are ready should they go into darkness for 24-48 hours before the chop? or?

Ive done both and haven’t noticed any difference. I just take them when they’re ready and when I have time, lights on or off.


Okay…so here are better views with the scope…had issues with the scope last night and had to get a new rechargeable battery for the DSL camera. It is charging now and will post white light pics of the whole plants later. All scoped from the top down on all the reachable buds with microscope camera.

Plant #7:
Snapshot@2020_1112_163422 Snapshot@2020_1112_163517 Snapshot@2020_1112_163635 Snapshot@2020_1112_163756 Snapshot@2020_1113_120313 Snapshot@2020_1113_120509 Snapshot@2020_1113_120655 Snapshot@2020_1113_120824 Snapshot@2020_1113_120914

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Plant #8:
Snapshot@2020_1112_184609 Snapshot@2020_1113_121212 Snapshot@2020_1113_121304 Snapshot@2020_1113_121351 Snapshot@2020_1113_121445

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Plant #9:
Snapshot@2020_1113_121637 Snapshot@2020_1113_121701 Snapshot@2020_1113_121726 Snapshot@2020_1113_121749 Snapshot@2020_1113_121824 Snapshot@2020_1113_121902 Snapshot@2020_1113_121939 Snapshot@2020_1113_122013

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Looks like they’re there. If you like the sedated effect, may want to let some of those trichs turn amber.

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Thank you! I am going to start drying these… My other tent is packed with 6 much bushier plants… This way I can put 2 in this tent to finish to make room. I think those all have 1-3 weeks left. I will experiment on amber with those.

After all is harvested… I will have a veg tent, a flower tent and a drying tent. A maximum of 4 plants at a time. I really thought using bag seeds that I would have had a few males. Not to complain.

Before I do a bud wash… They are grown in a basement… Is it necessary? What would you suggest?

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Majority of bag seed is due to self pollination so that’s likely why you didn’t get any males.

I’ve never bud washed my indoor plants. If you have lots of dust or pet hair in your grow area then it’d be a good idea. But if the space is clean, it’s not necessary.

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Awesome… I will skip the wash.

Thank you again for your help!

I will keep you posted on results.

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Sorry… One last question… I have an extra humidifier… Should I have it in the drying tent to help maintain my humidity to try to make sure I get as long a dry (10-14 days) as possible? Or should I avoid that?

I can hook it up to the humidity side of my inkbird in there if necessary. It is set at 55rh ± 2.5rh.

If your humidity is low, that’ll do fine. I’d keep it on the opposite side of where the plants are hung to keep the humidity mist away from the plants.