I feel a nice yield coming. What you think?


Looking good.

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Thanks I got a good feeling about this one

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You might want to consider thinning out the fan leaves from the bottom and center of the plant. Also, the buds below the center line of the plant.
You want to open up the interior of the plant for light penetration and air movement. You can leave the bottom buds alone they just won’t amount to much.
Looks to be heavy sativa. What is it?
Looks good and should fill up a couple jars.


Thanks for the tip, I will but once I’m done should I water with nutrients since it’s time for a feeding or normal PH water. It’s Bruce banner

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Cannabis is cannabis and strain has no bearing on feeding.

The best way to manage nutes is to get yourself a PPM meter and then maintain runoff PPM at 1,000 to 1,200.


I appreciate it

Yep feed as normal.

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Uggg I am out of likes so!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::blush::v:

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