I don't want to kill my plants!


Question from a fellow grower:

I’ve been a customer for over a year and still trying to get the system to work. My last group of seeds germinated really well and grew nice and strong to about 3 inches high. Unfortunately, I messed up and I guess was supposed to raise up the light so the plants would get taller? Now, I have 3 midgets! I have put them in the window sill and was trying to get some height. Is this a lost cause? Will these ever begin to grow again?

So far I have invested about $200 in seeds with no success!Its all my fault… the last group fried while I was out of town and couldn’t have the pet sitter water them!! I have just started over again with 4 more seeds under the light and will make sure I get them out of there before I create more midgets!!


What kind of light are you using and how far away from the plants is the light?


If you can post pictures and fill out a support ticket i would like to be able to help you out.

Why are you using a window sill?
Don’t forget it makes some leaves then builds its roots then it will sprout new growth and get taller and bushier…
What are your nutrients and feeding schedule like and do you have a decent ph meter?


Support tickethere


Some of the new hybrids…indica dominant will start very low.

Long as plant is green and growing leaves…ur doing good.


I agree. Pics and other info would help a lot. What kind of seeds too?