I Don't Like What I'm Smelling

I recently bought this system and I’m not very happy with the performance of the filter. I’m willing to buy another filter but I need one that will do the job. Any recommendations?
iPower GLFANXINL6FILT6MD25C 6Inch High CFM Inline Exhausting Fan & Carbon Air Filter w/1050+ IAV Australia Virgin Charcoal,Pre-Filter Included,Reversible Flange

Thats exactly what I’m using and i don’t even get a little odor. How long have you been using it and how do you have it setup in your tent? maybe a couple pics of what youre doing? @kartch

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How high is your humidity? High humidity will lessen the effect of carbon and some smell will escape.

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It’s brand new. Filter is near the top runs through my light to the fan then out my dryer vent which takes me from 6" to 4". My tent is home made and has no top but why would I still be getting smell out side, it’s all getting run through the filter. Just read a review from ILGM and they were saying it’s not the highest quality filter. I’ll get you some pics when I get a chance.

Humidity is running about 54%

Are you open for a quick experiment? Here is my proposal. Bypass the lights so you go from filter to duct to fan to outdoors and see if anything changes.

Can you post the link to this review your speaking of? Quite a few of us are using these filters and i’ve never heard anyone complain about them…

Also if the experiment fails then I would contact the company and tell them about the problem you are having. My guess is they would send you a new one right out.

This filter? Correct?

Your humidity is pretty low so I wouldn’t think that’s the problem.
I have a PHAT filter and it worked goodnformanwhile but then started to get some smell. It’s the 2nd filter I’ve purchased.
I would think since its brand new it would do the job. I would do what @bob31 suggested and contact the company and see if they will do anything.

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That looks like the one. And I’ll give that a try. I seem to be having a difficult time finding there web address, it’s not even on the one piece of paper that came with it. Are you thinking the heat from the light might be the issue?

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I’m thinking that one of the lights may not be sealed properly and it’s pulling smell in through the light. Just a hunch and IMO worth checking in to. @kartch

Where did you buy the filter?

I bought mine on amazon and it says to contact them with warranty issues.


OK, I see what your saying. My fixture does have a glass bottom that latches but it may not be perfectly sealed. I think that may just be exactly what going on. And I did get it on Amazon. Thanks bob31 I’m bettin that’s what’s happening.


@bob31 is the man


I’m with Bob on this. I have the 4" version of that same filter in a 5 sq ft tent and have no issues.


I won’t say until I give it a try but if it makes all the difference I’ll be with you in claiming bob31 is the man. LOL!


Very good @kartch if you go back to amazon, click on orders and find it in your list or search filter it will pop up. then about half way down the page on the right side is the info if you need it.



If it’s not Bob it’s always someone that’s the nice thing about this place just about anyone is willing to help a fellow grower


fair enough brother @kartchcheck it out and let me know. Tag me back with @bob31

The @ and username flags us back!


I say what I mean and I mean what I say and from what I can tell right now @bob31 you ARE the man all the way. That light fixture was definitely sucking air. Don’t know if you got in the contest but your definitely my bud of the month.

Thanks Again Fella


I should probably check my light too, chances are that is why I smell it every once and while. I even put my old carbon filter on the end of my exhaust to try and keep the smell down more and I still smell it so chances are my light has leaks too.
@bob31 if your light does have an air leak are they any tips or tricks to get it sealed off properly?

Well I’m glad I was right! I was sweating it out a little! haha

You know, I don’t really but if we could get one of those lights down and on a table and get some pics of them we could probably help others as well. I’m thinking something high heat sealant like RTV. It’s gonna take some trial and error on where to seal them, but if either one of you guys is game, I’m game on trying to help.

Or it could be a real simple fix and we can do a short tutorial for those behind us! LOL

@Jmesser80 @kartch


@bob31 I can get some high temp silicone and try putting a bead around the glass and the edge of the unit and see if that helps. If I remember correctly that’s the only spot on my unit that it could possibly be leaking from.
When I change my bulb I usualy undo the hose clamp that attaches my flex hose to the light unit so I don’t ever take the glass out of mine so that would work for me.
I’ll take a closer look at it when I get home and see if there are any other spots it could leak from.

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