I don't know which strain is my plants

This is my first time. I’ve just use some seeds that came in the flowers I got. The 3 plants are female and 12 weeks old, and I have keeping them outdoor in a balcony in a normal day light cycle. But actually they have about only 2 hours of light directly from the sun and then the rest of time only normal day light. Is there any difference between sun light and natural light?

Of course. If possible it’s best to work them out into full sun all day, slowly.

Your title doesn’t reflect your topic at all😅

As for your question about sunlight and natural light they are both the same thing, direct light vs non direct light is different but just on a intensity scale.

Will it be enough light? Hard to say really. More light the better, definitely won’t be ideal. You will find out over time.
Ensure they get a breeze if they don’t setup a fan, it makes them stronger.

Flowering requires much more light then growing in veg.
A good indicator in veg is how big the gaps are between branches. Yours are a little big but acceptable. I fear lack of light in flower but time will tell

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I just got a kit grow, with tent light and fan and stuff. Probably it’s going to work better for me. What about if I move these plants for a indoor place at this stage?

Depends on your tent space and your light, 3 plants means you need a fairly expensive light.
And your “kit” probably has a poor light good enough for one. But what is it?

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Ohh yeah. Sorry about that. Beginner here…The question of the light came after…But actually I am still not sure about which strain they are.

Well you won’t ever know lol. Unless you pay for a 300$ per sample DNA test and it will only work on strains they have in their database

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This one

Can you cancle your order? If so I suggest. We can help you spend your money much wiser.

They give you way to many very week lights, ugh I hate when companies make these combos.


I might be able to return them. But what would you recommend instead?

Well it depends on your budget, how much space you have and how many plants you want to grow constantly.

It’s going to cost about 125$-150$ in lighting per plant 125w per plant of true high quality led is the bar that should be met.

Those two lights are 33w each of poor quality, in comparison.

I would strongly recommend kingbrites, they take 3 weeks to arrive though. Totally worth the wait even more so since you have your outdoors.

You can go with spider farmers but they will cost more for slightly worse product but it would be not noticeable.

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