I don't know what's going on spots on leaves right before harvest

Someone please help I’m panicking my anxiety through the roof
I have the spots all over my leaves sugar leaves fan leaves…
Purple Kush autoflower

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:


It’s hard to determine the health of the plant with pics of one leaf. That said, all that I see is a touch of nitrogen toxicity. The leaf otherwise looks healthy. No need to panic at all.

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Just figured out how to post pics and they’re up

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That looks like spider mite damage to me, I’d look around with some kind of magnification for them and any webs


I second meeasy

Agree with @MeEasy. There are also a couple of specks on the bottom of the leaf that aren’t trichomes, but can’t tell that they are mites either.

@Mine69 , relax! Take a toke. Don’t fall prey to EHS (early harvest syndrome). More grow info = more help. Spider mites or Nitrogen, no big deal. You can deal with it. Just don’t harvest early since you appear to be anxious already. Treat the leaves. I like peroxide/water mites don’t. There are other leaf Rx for mites. But treat the top of your soil with diatomaceous earth. You’ll be fine.

If it’s pests, use Captain Jack’s Deadbug. Safe to use during flower, but for sure do a bud wash after the chop and before hanging to dry. Just a simple peroxide and water mix. There’s tons of videos on youtube showing you what to do. I use two 5 gal buckets. One has 32 oz of peroxide in it, dilute with water. Other bucket is just fresh water to rinse the mix off. Shake them dry alittle and hang.

This is my first Auto grow.
Those are actually four different leaves everything I read says bugs powdery mildew I don’t see any of it.
So everything’s fine just harvest is normal?
Thank you very much for your help!

Nothing wrong at all my freind just as we’ve been saying in the other post.
I promise you I and others will not lead you wrong.
You have absolutely nothing to worry about and can relax :grin:

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I really appreciate all the help

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Lets say it is mites and wpm. .
You said it was 1 week till chop, so all you got to do is when you do chop it. Give it a quick bud wash in h202 water and problem solved.
Mites and mildew will be gone :grin:

I know how stressful it can be i get pretty dang tore up over silly stuff myself sometimes. But just try to forget about it fir the last few days and you’ll be smoking it before you know it :grin:

Okay so I’ve been sick as a dog and currently still sick as a dog but the plant say it’s time to harvest…
I just finished H2O2 wash and rinse
So now what?
I shook and hung them
Do I need fans going if I do do I direct the fans to the buds or around the buds?

Only asking cuz I’ve never washed my buds before…

So what kind of environment?
relative humidity?
I usually hang my whole plant as I live in the desert and it’s usually about 20% RH
That way I can track the tryout for 4-6 days before the stems snap…
Actually would be lucky to get six days of hanging