I don't know what to do

It looks like your on track. If you can provide more photos of your tops and more of the nods. Are you using any nutrients or are you just turning lights off and letting it take its course?

Here is my blue dream thats about 4 weeks into flower. Theses photos are about a week after I flipped it using Mendocino 6-30-30 at start. If you look closely, you can see preflower.

This is about 2 weeks into flower. I hope these photos help you out. I’ll share with you 4 week photos here shortly.

I’m sorry, about the 2 week photos didn’t load.

These photos are about the 4week mark with a HP nute 0-50-30.

Welcome to the community Jr!
Hard to say from a glance, when dis she start flowering?
Truly there is only one way to tell a plant is finished
And its this.

You look to be a ways away yet. I wouldnt even worry about harvest till most of the hairs are red and not standing straight up.

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Leave lights 12/12 photos I love to grow. I tried autos. 3 of them 2 outside 1 die , 1 grew 1 fat long bud. WW in tent injar now maybe 2 oz. No more autos for us . Photos take a bit longer but they can take more abuses BDSM LST Manhandled no problem , I love to hear them scream!!! Sit with them,smoke one relax listen to them photos talk to you

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She is getting full nutrients with all bloom booster

I am no expert, but those pistils all look white to me-meaning weeks to go still. The heavy trichomes on that plant- looks like it will be some good bud!