I don't know what i'm doing, help!

Greetings fellow growers, its an honor to be amongst some great people on here. Shout out to Robert and the grow bible. For my first grow, I decided to go with Auto Fem Bruce Banner, Auto Fem Gorilla Glue #4, and Auto Fem Blueberries. Unfortunately I started my soil by using 3parts peat moss, 3 parts mushroom compost, 2 parts perlite and 1 part vermiculture. I added some mycorrhiza to the area of the transplant after germination to help with root growth. I started my first feed around week 3 but the plants were off to a real slow start. My PPMs at first feed were 1800 and I have been keeping PH on track. After that I stopped feeding because I didn’t know how to keep the PPMs low. Now Bruce Banner is looking good, and Gorilla Glue is draggin in second, with Blueberries looking like its on its last leg. All three of them are in the same soil and have been fed the same batch. They have no height like i think they should at this point. The picture is at 6 weeks from when seeds split. Any feedback is strongly encouraged. Thanks

When first starting germ. 3-4 weeks in I use H2O2 in all my water with or without nutes.
1-2 tbl spns per gall really helps.
I do it with all my veg. gardens too.
If lost try youtube

Pics in natural light will give us a better idea how they are doing.

I’m going to suggest you relocate seedlings into a better designed medium: that is a recipe for trouble. Fox Farms Ocean Forest would be fine.

Do NOT feed as that medium is extremely ‘hot’. Remember; anything that slows down an auto is bad. You want everything perfect or as close as possible to grow autos successfully.

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