I don't know if is safe

Is permethrin safe to use on plants

I would say not but you would have to have bud tested for residuals. It used on everything else.

Not if you want to claim “organic”.

I can’t get a accurate answer

Does your plant have lice? :rofl:

The lack of an answer here might be your answer. Nobody else is using it apparently. Probably because there are other products that can be used which do not have the same type of safety concerns.

Captain Jack’s dead bug is a popular one.

Of course if your plant is healthy doesn’t have bugs, no insecticide needs to be applied.

I’m very confused why a plant would need this? What are you trying to accomplish?

I feel like your plants are going out and partying on the weekend to need something like this :joy::joy:

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Does anything work better than dead dugg

There’s nothing that works better than having a keen eye for identifying a problem. It’s so much easier to deal with early on when it’s still a small problem.

Then the next thing is knowing the enemy and how to destroy it. Different situations may require different solutions. Capt Jacks is a good tool for the arsenal.

It’s for outdoor grow

It is in Hy yield and works in vegetable garden