I dont know how bad this is, need help🤔

Hello, I am 67 days into my 2nd grow, I switched my light schedule to 12/12 five days ago to start the flowering stage and I also added two 400 watt hps light on each side of my existing 1600 watt LED (700 actual). Anyways, my lights were set to go on at 9pm and shut off at 9am, I have been working a lot and fell asleep to early the last couple days to check to make sure the lights have been going on since adding the new lights and I tripped the gfi at some point and domt know how long my lights have been off, could have been off for 2 days. Is this going to cause any problems??

No , they should be fine , but dont let it keep happening or you will run into trouble… :wink:



I always have lights out for 36-40 hours then go to 12/12 so you should be fine as long as it doesn’t happen often


Sweet! Thanks for the fast response guys😉… I noticed a ton of new growth today when I checked on them, I dont know if the lights were out for 2 days or just a day, the timer said 5am so it could have been 5am today, yesterday or the day before lol, If I had to bet on which day I would say Wednesday morning lights went out because I was in there for a couple hrs Tuesday afternoon installing a can fan filter.

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I agree, you’ll be fine.

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I had a similar situation this grow, only thing was, when I flipped lights to 12/12, I obviously didn’t have the timer set right, and they were on continually. I have my grow at a separate location and didn’t know it for 2 days. Everything turned out good.

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