I don't get it, 48 hrs of darkness

So, I did an experiment with putting my purple kush in darkness for 60 hrs before harvest. Some of you chimed in and I appreciate the input. I personally didn’t see a change. So my question is, if the darkness boosts trichome production before harvest, wouldn’t that produce a bunch of clear trichomes not yet matured enough to harvest? It’s kinda like the drive on a parkway, park in a driveway question.


This was my biggest beef with the whole idea… no idea though


Here’s a view expressed by a professor.

Organic vs Synthetic Fertilizers, Flushing, Plant Lighting & More!


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I won’t dark period again, it doesn’t make sense to me.


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That was very informative. Thanks for sharing.


While I don’t think 48 hours of darkness is important before chop, I would do at least the 12 hours of dark before chop - meaning not chopping mid day or end of the light cycle, give it a normal night to recover it’s buds with its sunscreen (terps), It’s not about growing new or more trichomes (it won’t).



Letters or purty pictures? :rofl::rofl:

Midnight snacks.

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Same here. I just chop before the lights come on or the sun rises. That makes sense to me so that’s what I do…

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I’ve read Rosenthal since the early 90s and the High Times days and he knows his shit for sure and I totally get where he’s coming from and wholeheartedly agree about the processes of the dark period. And here it comes…BUT…(LOL!) is there any research into cannabis circadian rhythms? I mean, after a while being on a schedule most creatures will develop a routine. One of the most common being waking up at the same time daily. So does the plant “wake up” when it normally would then go back to sleep or work as it were, or is it completely dependent on the presence of light?
If you can follow that… LOL!

I gotta make up my mind in the next 24-36hrs what I’m gonna do at the end of this current run. And I just can’t decide!

It’s the light that triggers the plant to start it’s daily routine, until it gets 8 photons to get that machine started and moving it’s still sleeping and thinking about night stuff, at least in my mind.

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The darkness for 48 hours is really a way to help the plants dry by using what water or moisture left in the roots to be used in the last ditch effort for the plant to reproduce, in only some late blooming strains , not all cannabis strains respond to stress , or different training methods many try to utilize in each grow , stick to the 5 T’s only at 3-6-9-12 growth stage consistent ph and ppm levels steady .


Stoner science

Its not for increasing trichomes or bud size, ots to remove chlorophyll from the plant itself… helps with drying out too…

It’s the best, most effective way to introduce mold spores to the grow you just finished so it can all rot while drying, and nothing more! :smiley:

I have not ever done 48 darknes onpurpose

Explain what the 5Ts are please??

So while it is true that a plant kept dark for a prolonged time would drop chlorophyll, 48 hours isn’t going to have much of an effect. The leafs visibly get pale all the way to yellow when chlorophyll levels start to drop.

It would absolutely have an impact on the “sugars” stored in the plant in the forms of starch as this formation stops soon as lights go off and the plant will use up its stored food over the 48hr period…
In this way it could very well effect the taste as we’ve all seen what starch dose to clothes so i imagine it doesn’t taste good…

I could be wrong about the chlorophyll and id be interested in some scientific sources if anyone has a link :grin: