I don’t work for NASA

@Brobdab I’m a female as well and 100% prefer to enjoy my music while I’m buzzing. Much preferred over conversation. I have enough going on in my own head :crazy_face:

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I got mine in October of 2020

Yes!!! Preach, girl

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Nice set up with pictures to follow. Thanks

When you said rainbird, all I could think of was the most bad a$$ water sprinkler lol :joy:

Lol don’t mind me I have no idea what the hell
I’m talking about half the time. The other half the time I have no idea what the hell im talking about.

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The AC Infinity 67 controller has a probe for temp and RH. You can set the maximum fan speed so it’s not just full on and off.

I have the humidistat on the humidifier set to come on below 60%, and the fan to come on at 30% power over 66%. Ambient humidity in the room outside the tent is 50%. I watered today, so that’s contributing to cycling, but it’s able to keep a fairly narrow range.

My humidity looks a lot like yours and sometimes I forget to look at the scale on the graph and it’s over a really tiny range. I’ve got bigger issues with the hotter days right now my basement isn’t the heat sink it was back in the winter and lights on temps are getting into the upper 80s in there