I don’t work for NASA

Can be a thing, if someone is looking. Every house on your street will have some sort of heat signature though, if you’re doing that you would just want it to blend in.

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IMO the heat from a 4x4 in the summer not got to put on the NSA’S watch list


lol fair enough

Heat signatures aren’t the worry they used to be. People who mine for bit coin for example leave a much stronger heat signature from their computer equipment then the avg 300 watt led marijuana grow. So no not paranoid, but perhaps exaggerating in your mind the severity of your “crime” and how hard the fuzz is gonna have to go, to prove it. How much weed you planning on growing? You gonna keep it all to yourself or take “donations” from your friends? 5 plants or 25 plants?


Vent using a old window ac unit that does not work. Heat signature wouldn’t show anything abnormal.


I have a 4x4, and I started using 2x4 inch AC Infinity fans, but recently upgraded to 2 6 inch AC Infinity fans. I have one for intake that pulls through the AC Infinity intake HEPA filter and the exhaust is going into a carbon filter. This has enough power to drop the humidity to ambient within minutes, and the tent is sealed enough that keeping humidity up is not an issue by using the humidity controller. I have a humidifier that puts rh in the tent and when it goes over, the fan kicks in and brings it to where I’m aiming for.
If you are not happy that you didn’t get the T6, you can always add the controller and have the same thing. I know most people use a passive intake, but pulling through a hepa filter and using a passive intake created a crazy negative pressure and sucked in the walls off my tent.

So this is overkill. I had pest problems and mold with my last grow. I don’t intend to with this grow. You were smart to go with 6 inch fans from the start. I like the controller so that the fan only runs when it needs to and I don’t worry about enough ventilation. With the current set up, I haven’t had to run the fans higher than 3 of 10, so it’s also silent.


Dont forget you also need an internal fan (preferably oscillating)to blow fresh air onto your plants and strengthen them. What I do is have my exhaust pull in from the top left front of tent , the oscillating fan blowing air down from the top middle back catching in fresh air from the 2 top right vent holes , and my humidifier in bottom right of my tent so it gets caught by the fan to help trap the humidity from getting to exhausted out


Yes. I dont mind the smell.but if u have something good growing the smell is just so much. I jave 4 kinds of photos going and man u smell it hard walking up my walkway to get to the house lol. Its super strong and i vent thru my crawl space now so it not as strong of a smell but everyone that comes here smells it outsixe by their cars 15 feet from house roughlly. I do beloeve that after this grow i will be hooking up a filter to deaden the smell some. Don’t need 5.0 here knocking and looking at my stuff. Im all legal but still dont want them here


Already been a ton of talk here but I’ll just say that if i were tooling up all over again in my grow room I would save my pennies for a Rainbird controller rather than spending for the AC Infinity one.

Could you link the controller you are talking about? Only saw outdoor sprinkler controllers when I looked for it.

I’m baked I said rainbird but meant Inkbird


Why would you use that over the controller that comes with ac infinity cloud series fans? That one is limited to only one trigger per plug. The one from ac infinity will controll two fans at once and gives you 4 trigger options?

Eh they have some fancier ones that do more

Eh maybe they don’t. I thought they did. Maybe not! Point is - if there is a point - those AC infinity fans will work with other, better controllers.
The AC infinity controller is really just a glorified on/off switch anyway - it can’t modulate the fan speed - if it’s on it’s on at whatever the max setting you set it to is. A decent controller can modulate the fan speed

Also I’ve been trimming a pound and a half for like 3 hours and smoking finger hash for the last 15 mins so I’m pretty well cooked.


The 67 controller is different than the enhanced controller. You have much more control


I would like it to modulate as well. It does slowly bring up the fan speed but rarely does it not make it to full speed or whatever you have it set at.

As a middle aged white man I can safely say that control is exactly what society tells me I am entitled to so obvs i need this 67 controller :rofl: for reals tho that 67 controller is also bluetooth I think which is kinda cool. I mean bluetooth makes every thing cool right? The ability to actually modulate the fan speed makes it worth whatever premium they’re charging over this “enhanced” controlled that I have. I’m not sure what its an enhancement over… maybe just a switch :man_shrugging:

@Docnraq I know what you mean how it ramps up and down gradually but it always goes to max speed that’s just how it works. Once your conditions trigger the threshold for whatever you’ve set it just hits the on switch and ramps up. I’ve been looking at my Govee graph and its up and down from the fan alternating between off and fully on with no middle ground.

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It just has a digital display with temp and humidity readings and, like you said, a switch to turn on and off at a certain temp/humidity. Compared to the basic controller where it’s just a button you push to set fan speed.

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At least the basic controller is aptly named. In my house we call that thing a rheostat but I’m an old fart

I use my enhanced controller as a basic. Just have it set to 4.

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