I don’t like smoking marijuana

…but I am obsessed with growing it!!!

I want to enjoy it badly though. I smoked a lot in high school but never really enjoyed it. Always made me feel kind of like I had the flu, paranoid, and the opposite of what I assume most people would consider “high”.

I am an adult now and like I said have been having a blast growing it. I’ve been smoking a little here and there and although it’s not a complete nightmare I can’t say that it relaxes me or reduces anxiety. (Been smoking a pineapple haze I grew my self over the summer…)

I purchased pure Indica from this site and it is in a really nice vegetative state right now and will go into flowering in one month. I am really really hoping it is just the search for the right strain that will lead to my enjoyment of these awesome plants.

Any insight, experiences or feedback appreciated.



Welcome to the the group! Just to let you know…if u get parinoid etc from the weed it’s probably a sativa. U would be better off with the indica! It relaxes u and lowers your blood pressure/heart rate. Sativa enhances it. Just remember indica=in da couch, lol :slight_smile:


1st of all I want to say WELCOME!
She’s pretty and healthy! If you have any questions just tag me by putting @ before the nickname! Happy growing :+1:

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She looks nice and healthy :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Yeah, so I really just want to find something relaxing. I guess I just don’t like feeling all baked and unfocused. When I smoke I over analyze stuff way too much and get very negative ultimately. Maybe it’s just my personality or a bad chemistry thing but I’m really hoping the strain will be the key to it all. When I have been smoking, I take a tiny little bit of bud ( like to grains of rice worth) and take two good rips off of it and and get pretty blasted. I think moderation will play a big roll too. Just kinda sucks I have search and try to like it while everyone else I know just smokes and feels awesome :confused:


Solution, you’re not smoking enough. It appears you are still at the recreational stage vs the chronic stage.
Of course, I am just kidding around but in all seriousness, tolerance.



It’s great if you get high whit a small piece of bud… I started that way :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:.
Just try a bigger piece and you will see what happens. Don’t forget : if you get overdosed whit marijuana just take a nap and everything will be fine when you wake up! :joy::+1::wink:

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@Walt80 when you harvest this time, harvest when the tricomes are mostly milky white but no Amber. It’s will be lighter and more of an energetic/uplifting high. Not tire/paranoid high. You can get alot of different effects from the same plant just by when you harvest it and how you cure it.

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Thanks. I do plan on harvesting at that stage this time around or right when I see the very first amber…

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Hey… Look at the plant :herb: not at his house :joy: :joy: :joy:


Overkill on the flag the picture is harmless if they don’t mind sharing it


Ok apologies. Your making a good point for legal states

A lot of folks do edibles here, not sure if the high is different from smoking… Sure other will chime in

Yes, it is a search for the right strain !!!
I had really bad bad experience years ago so I avoided it for years…
But circumstances led me to give it a second look…
I grow my own stuff and make my own tinctures for everything…
It took a lot of tasting and trying , but now I have the pefect repertoire day-night medicine…

You will find yours, Godspeed !


I tend personally to like lower THC strains for my personal use but do grow some strains mainly due to client request or for my misses


Same here brother

Welcome to the group @Walt80.
I’m the same as you. Love growing it. Love the smell of it both growing and being smoked. As for smoking it or vaping it I don’t seem to get the relaxing high everyone else does. In fact it seems to magnify my pain somewhat. I use it for my anxiety and depression. Helps my depression a lot but have to be careful because some strains amplify my anxiety. I’ve tried different strains and still haven’t found the right one. Sativas make me anxious and indicas give me big time munchies then put me to sleep. Think hybrid is the way to go just haven’t found the right one yet. Also the balanced CBD to THC seem to be better for me. The search continues.


If you are after relaxation maybe try some high CBD low THC strains.

Hi & welcome to forum. At least with roberts strains the effects are listed. I personally prefer indicas or an indica hybrid mainly being indica. Im a lil crazy, having ADD & ADHD anxiety issues ect. Hubby has PTSD & only does indicas. They help more than any tranquilizer. And they help with pain!There are number of great strains here & recently got more!
Happy Growing & Smokin!