I don’t know what went wrong

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

So, I germinated 5 White Widow seeds that were bought from your company. All 5 germinated and was planted in Miracle-Gro Seed Starter. 3 of the 5 sprouted and are doing ok. The other two did not sprout. When I checked the seeds there was mold and they were not growing. What would be the cause? I do everything the same with all of them, so, I don’t know what went wrong. The soil was not overly wet, I have under a humidome, on a heating mat, and under 2 6500 kelvin cfl bulbs.
Strain. Ilgm White Widow
Soil. Miracle-gro seed starter in jiffy pots
Ph run off. N/a
No notes yet
2-6500k cfl light
Everything else is adequate just want to know what is wrong with it, it sprouted from the soil this way.

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All your seeds germinated, good. 2 seeds didn’t come up, not good. The one plant pictured the soil looks wet. Its really not hard to over water a seedling.

I had just watered the plant when I took the picture after letting it dry out for a couple days. Is it just a defect and will grow out of it, or is it because the soil was to wet when it sprouted from the soil and will it come out of it?

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Yea put a humidity dome over it and put it under your lights and put a fan blowin on your soil from the top to help dry it out you need to get it dry asap then just mist your plant wit a spray bottle a couple times a day getting the soil lightly moist. Looking at the seedling it is about a 50/50 chance right now if you can’t get it dry it’s a goner sotry just being honest

Thanks guys, I’ll let you know how it goes

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Seedlings get their moisture from the leaves for the first 10 days or so until the taproot is established. Watering should be very small and frequent with most just spraying water into the dome a couple of times a day.

The MG seed starter you got: does the package contain any fertilizer? I read where one of the products does. That would be bad for seedlings too.

Is this it?

Yes but all but that one looks fine. Beside the seeds that did not sprout

Doesn’t matter. The fertilizer killed the sprouts. Some of your seedlings were far enough away that they didn’t get burned but most weren’t so lucky. You really want fertilizer free, nutrient free media for seed starting. Imagine how the seeds start in nature: probably buried in damp leaf litter when they sprout. That’s kinda what you’re trying to do.

What’s a good one. I also have fox farm ocean forest, was gonna use that but was told not to. Fox farm o.f is what my main soil will be after transplant. Since Fox Farm O. F has natural ingredients, can I use that to start seedlings?

FFOF is too hot for some varieties, I learned that the hard way. Get a potting soil with no fertilizer and mix 2/3 potting soil,1/3 FFOF. Mix that up well or some growers put a layer of FFOF in the bottom of the pot and potting soil on top. Either way, you’re seedling survival rate will go way up.

@Rickandbobbyd I start ALL my seeds in black gold, it is cheap but the downside is that it always has knats. Use DE and it will take care of them.

I have limited experience but I have used this combo of soils for my seeds (and clones) and have had great success.

When the sprouts/seedlings are 5-6 weeks from seed I transplant to FFOF blended 1:1 with FF Happy Frog. I wish you all the best with your grow!

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Bad soil choice. Pick an organic of the soil at Lowes and home Depot or get a good one like Fox Farms Light Warrior or ProMix at the better garden stores or on line. These autos need a light soil with very little nutrients to start. I’ve killed a few myself with too hot soil at first @Rickandbobbyd

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Sorry; I didn’t see your response. You can tag anyone using the @ sign ahead of their name.

If you only have or only want to have OF you can cut it with any number of neutral media to cool the soil down. Perlite would be my first choice and a small bag will last for years if used for seed sprouts. Just cut your OF by 30% and you should be fine.

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I’ll give it a try @Myfriendis410

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