I don’t know what kind of seeds are hybrid, what plant is hybrid?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I wanted to know if ILGM goodies have a lot of THC. 1 MG THC/ML. I think it’s the part that gives you a little energy enough to be able to do work. So far it’s impossible to get yellow cannabis 1 MG THC and 20 CBD. TWEED said 2 wks and now they say 3 months. I’m waiting for my company to assign more companys and then it’s so popular and I can’t take another. The CBD I got from ILGM doesn’t do much. I’m not sure how much you’re suppose to take but it does not give me any energy. The problem is I take yellow oil, it’s a hybrid. Now I don’t know what kind of seeds are hybrid. I tried bailys, I couldn’t take it. I tried another one, I couldn’t take it. I am very sensitive and I could grow it but I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know how to process it, to have those particular formula. I had a bottle that was close to what I take and less thc and yet it made my heart palpitate. Maybe it will go down in price as the oil now is very expensive, its $90 a bottle. I am wishing the price would go down. What plant is hybrid. I need also for arthritis pain and anxiety and blood pressure. Although my blood pressure is getting better. So if you have any advice, I will buy some in spring. I would keep them in pots. They grow better than in the garden. Thanks”


Hybrids are a mix % of sativas and indicas. Youll see if its 60% indica its indica dominant with 40% sativa. Hope this helps.

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Hi customer with questions. I think you need to learn more about CB and THC and the best sources. CBD is good, but unless there is THC with the CBD then many don’t get the relief they seek.

I strongly urge you to join the forum and lets talk/ You can tag me like @bob31 and it will flag me that you are looking for me and we can get you sorted out!