I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but I’m enjoying LST

I don’t know if I’m doing LST very well. I’ve been tying colas for a week now, trying to spread things out. I tried tucking a few leaves this morning and I’ll see how well it worked in the morning. They are not quite 3 weeks from sprouts.

Everyday, I come home from work, eat dinner, and spend 15 minutes looking for new colas and adjusting ties. It’s relaxing.

Seeing the difference in the structure of the three different varieties is interesting.

The white widow auto is compact and well organized. It hasn’t taken much effort to train and it looks like a little bonsai.

The CBD Kush auto just wants to spread all over the place.

The Critical Mass auto, with its big leaves has been the toughest to train because it keeps getting tangled in itself. It spent the most time on it tonight and unfortunately accidentally clipped off two leaves.



Nice job on the LST.


Agree with the great cultivators above :point_up_2:


You will have to keep your eyes open for a good sale on bulk plant twist ties. Comes with the territory.
I always ran out of pot space to tie them off. If I know I was only going to bend the main stem I would plant it a little off center to give me more room. Eventually went to photos, topping and manifold.


Thanks, everyone.

@beardless, are these any good? They aren’t the ones I’d like to get but I can find 300 packs on Amazon for $16.

I think I’d prefer ones like this, but the biggest I can find are 30 packs.


I can’t say. I have never used anything like either of them. I might use some soft wire to shape a branch or make a bend. Otherwise I have not had the need.


Good job they always look messy after lst


LST may look funky at first but definitely beneficial!

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I stick to the “what don’t kill you only makes you stronger” school of thought on strangling the girls into place!
The only thing that plant wants to do is to survive to flower and produce more of her kind.
She’ll fix anything she can to make that happen.
Feed her right and keep her happy and she’ll take care of the rest pretty much.

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@Tylersays, they survived all my mistakes from germination to vege & since then they have been growing like crazy.

My Gold Leaf photo looked like it survived topping earlier in the week & grew two new stems. Today, I took the three biggest fan leaves off it to open up the base to more light and more aggressively LSTed the undergrowth.

These are before & after.

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