I don’t know how much to feed/water since in 10 gallon

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a question…
I’ve recently purchased some beautiful seeds including… chronic widow, gold leaf and Cali dream.
Up until now I’m experiencing some issues in the leaf…
My plants are now 5 weeks old in a 4x4 tent using coco perlite.
Temp 25c humidity 80c with isolating fan and exhaust.
I’m on 18/6 timer.
I started them off in small solo cup to a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon smart pot under the meizhi 900w LED at height 20 inch above canopy.
I’m Feeding sensi grow coco part A and part B
Now as they are progressing I’m giving my cannabis plant full nutrient of 4ml equal part to every litre water as the product suggests.
I don’t know how much to feed/water since in 10 gallon.
I tried super cropping on all 4 of my plants which 3 I snapped almost completely :pensive: with the 4th one done correctly and I’m seeing the benefits from doing.
I’ve also fim all 4 plants.
Also I tried removing most of fan leafs so I’m able to get light to underneath.
They are slowly growing back.
I also have done some LST.
I managed to get the girls back and I’m noticing they growing slower but now I’m seeing some deficiencies developing and I’m wondering if you could have a look and help me diagnose it please.
And any tips on how to grow/water with what I have thanks.


The great thing about coco is its almost impossible to overwater. I generally use 3 liters in a 3 gallon pot I would start with a gal and go from there. If you don’t get runoff you can add 2 liter at a time until you get runoff


Cheers mate

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