I do not have money at this moment for proper lights

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"Hi i want to find out if this setup will do for my plants and is it OK for the big one that started to flower.


I’m in a bit of a situation, my cheese is starting to flower and I do not have proper lighting for it. What is the best options because I do not have money at this moment for proper lights."

How long has that plant been in veg for? What is your light schedule currently? What makes you think it’s in preflower?

Amazon has Dimgogo 1k watt full spec. Nice lights 99.00 nice holland star 300watt 79$ 300 double chip ufo led, under 100$ and u could have it in a week. Maybe this will help

You could make a fixture out of plywood and put 12 of the highest wattage LED spots with the covers removed you can find online. I bought 20 for about $1.20 each and they’re 15watt. You can literally put them right on top of the plants because they put out almost zero heat. I use them in my clone/seed starter


If you’re on a budget, which is understandable cash is pretty tight these days, there are a few things to consider. You really need the best bang for your buck, so always keep that in mind. I see a couple different types of light being used; fluorescent, CFL, and LED presumably in the back. I would stick to one type of light. Right now, LED light bulbs have come down quite a bit in cost. Whether you invest in a grow light, or have to rely on what you have available at your local hardware store, they are all incredibly affordable. If you go with the screw in bulb option, I recommend rigging up or building some kind of fixture like @skgrower mentioned. But with the amount of materials needed, time, and effort you might be better off purchasing a grow light. @Familyman420 mentioned a few, none of which I have experience or knowledge of. I personally use a Viparspectra reflector series light in my grow tent, and Viparspectra offers quite a few different sizes for all types of budgets. I got mine off of Amazon, and Amazon also has a litney of different off brand and imported lights along with the better quality ones. Mine is an import, but I’d like to think of it as a midgrade import. It’s not the top tier, not the junk, but it definitely gets the job done. But if budget is an issue, get LED “daylight” screw in bulbs like you would put in your lamp at home and use those. I am sure you can get a pack of 4 for like 15 dollars depending on where you are. Being that you mentioned one of them is going into flower, try and find lights with more of a red hue, the CFL soft white will do just fine. It has more of a yellow tint to it, which plants in flower love. Plants in veg need more whites and blues, plants in flower need more reds and violets. In the future, I recommend taking the grow course ILGM offers, it will be incredibly useful to you in the future I think.

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I have 2 Holland stars and really like them. Very bright.

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If you’re on a budget your best bet is going to be put as many CFL lights in there that you can until you can buy or build a fixture not sure if you’re planning on going LED etc. but you definitely want to plan Ahead before planting because usually I don’t work out too well unless you have the correct lighting to let her thrive you can get it to work with what you have you will just have a very low yield so if you can add any more lights that’s what I would do


Here is something you might be interested in, it is cost effective and I think your ladies would love it.