I created a chat room! Everyone is welcome

So…. I created a chat room on an app called “Telegram” … 100% safe for anyone to use! Would be an honour if anyone would like to join let me know also if I’m allowed, I’ll post the link :slight_smile: it’s basically just a chat room to share advice and photos safely and can get notifications :slight_smile:

ADMIN: If this is not allowed…. I apologise and do. Please remove


This is a great idea

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If we get a few more people interested I’ll post the link so anyone can join :slight_smile:

so how would that be any different than this forum…


Not much difference, just that you get notifications etc and more of a “show your grow” kinda group, not for advice and the works like we do here

Here’s an example of a group I’m in, FastBuds seeds own channel

Could be also for trading, which we can’t do here. I’ve got some HLG LEDs with LM301b diodes I wouldn’t mind selling. I suppose I could sell them on eBay.

Have to be pretty strict on who’s who though. Keep out the scammers.


100% brother! I haven’t set any rules so it’s public at the moment anyone can join, but I can remove any scammers that join

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I just looked on eBay. HLG lights there are pretty salty price wise. You have to be careful of counterfeits though.

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Yeah I normally use Amazon, but only thing with Amazon is you can’t actually buy off people only businesses, so you never really know what you’re buying on there :laughing:

I’m not sure that ILGM will be too happy about using their name for the room. Can you rename it if needed?

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Yeah most definitely! I’ll do it now

I used to use Telegram when I was gaming a long time ago. I’d have to install it again as that was like 2 computers ago.

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New channel name and code

I used it for gaming also lol then everyone went over to discord :rofl:

I checked in the channel and can’t seem to post.

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One second I’ll check for you

I created a little chat room inside the group, try in there brother

ok thanks for the info on why

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I’m requesting to join in next 5 mins @Se7en

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