I could use some help identifying the cause of these marks

I’m worried and curious, what’s happening to my plants? I sprayed some neem oil mixture on them, and kept them out of direct sunlight. Is this some kind of burn from the spray? What else could be causing this?

What’s your soil? And are you feeding also?

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What @Underthestairs said. Also are you keeping track of pH of water going in?

I’m using FFHF the water I’m giving them is around 6.2. I have given them advanced nutrients ph perfect micro, grow, and bloom at 1/2 strength

How long have they been planted? I am not an expert but HF is usually good for 4 weeks before you need nutrients.

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Ph is wrong. Dont feed yet. It’s probably a ph lockout.

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Almost looks like Calcium-magnesium deficiency.

What say you @Myfriendis410?

It’s been about 4 weeks since they sprouted. So I gave them nutrients too soon you think?

Wait for Myfriendis410 to chime in. Depending on when you gave it the nutrients though, yes. Was it a a week ago? 2 weeks ago? From the beginning? Also looks a little droopy to me. How often are you watering anyway?

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Don’t panic and do anything rash. Maybe fill out the support ticket so whoever has the knowledge also has the full picture.

That’s mostly what it looks like.


Yeah, looks like you accidentally dropped your water with nutes on the leaves burning them in those spots. Have you looked under the leaves? If there isn’t any critters, I’d say it was burn from your liquid spray or drops of the nutrient feeding you did.

I gave the nutrients just a couple days ago, but I usually water every two days

Well I am not sure if that was the issue because most everyone else is saying probably splash of water on the leaves. However, I would recommend watering the whole pot thoroughly at this point, then letting the pot dry out till it is almost the same weight it was when you first put the soil in. Make sure to pH to 6.5.

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And will the leaves recover? Just let them be?

Leaves wont recover but leave them til they r most dead they still do work as of now. More leave equals more work more work equals bigger better plants. Good lick

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