I could use a little help with yellowing leaves please - Support ticket attached

I’ve gotten really good advise in the past and could use a little guidance now.
I have a female in week 3 of flower and the fan leaves seem to be yellowing from the bottom up.
I’ve taken off about 30 leaves in the past few days that were yellowing and looking as if the would be on their way out soon and I needed to defoliate anyway.
I tend to slightly overwater with tap that has been sitting out and PH 7 but I only give 32oz a day. I’ve only used the ff trio nutes a couple of times since I’m in Miracle Grow Performance Organics soil and I’m sure it’s loaded with nitrogen that I suspect is my problem.
I’ve filled out a support ticket below and added photos as well. Thanks!
Oh and, I think I see a little clawing but the buds are looking good to me.
At this point I don’t know if this is normal for this strain in flower or if adjustments are needed.
Thanks in advance

  • What strain, Ethos Apex bag seed
  • Method: Soil
  • Vessels: Pots,
  • PH of Water,7.o never water to run-off
  • PPM/TDS unknown
  • Indoor
  • Light system Spider Farmer SF1ooo in 2x2 tent
  • Temps; Day, Night 75 - 65
  • Humidity; Day, Night %53-%60
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 4" and 2 additional fans
  • De-humidifier, yes
  • Co2; No



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I can see a hint of claw, but really overall your plants look great. I would consider adding more water so you get run off, but your plants seem to be okay with whatever you’re doing. It’s not broke you know?
Just continue feeding, and you’ll finish great.


Thanks Covertgrower. I really appreciate it.
I’ll just stay the course and see what she gives me.

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Your going to naturally see the flowers eat nutrients as they bulk up, could use a pk booster if it becomes an issue, beastie blooms → cha Ching would work nicely


Thanks, any reason to give Cal-mag at this point?

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Use cal/mag for entire grow


Will do.