I could use a little advise on manafolding gg4 photo

I’m this far into the mainline and I’m just curious if i can top each branch at the same time. I want 8 main stalks. I started with growing till the 8th node then topped it back to node 3 got rid of the first 2 branches. Kept 2 and 3 sets. Branched those out and now i want to top each of these and defoliate a bit. I think she is healthy enough for it. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right. I went online and read a few pages about it. But yeah. Idk if i should take each branch back a few nodes or top it at the tip and cut away the lower one’s. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Let me tag 2 growers that do mainlining. @Arrow @beardless


Nice to see someone who is doing manifolding while still leaving a good bit of foliage.


I wasnt really sure if I should take them or leave em to be honest. I know I’ll end up taking off quite a bit. I could also possibly clone those smaller branches I’ve always seen the pictures of the crazy like trunk systems this creates. And I’ve also seen pictures of pretty neat and symmetrical branching. That’s what I’d like to build up too. I can close my eyes and picture this spiral like dna looking grow. Idk sounds crazy right? :smile:

Thanks @Deepsix. I do not believe Arrow is still active on this site.
@GrassMan420 yes you can top each main at the same time. However, if one set is growing stronger than the other, you can top the strong one first. This can help even out growth.

I think the term used for the dbl manifold you have going is quadline. A play on mainline. With a quad two different node sets are used rather than one.
Training and plants look spot on.


Thank you @beardless
There are 2 branches that are pushing just a little more then the others. So Ill start with those 2 first. How far back would i take each top. Each branch is pushing their 7 and 8th lateral branches. Should i take them back to the 3rd or 4th or from the new growth? :thinking:

Taking it back to the third node from main stem is the traditional place to top. And the growth points from nodes 1 & 2 of each branch is also removed.


I topped all 4 brabches back to the 3rd node. Cleaned up the smaller branches before and cloned those i thought big enough. I left all the fan leaves from the lower nodes. Hopefully this helps her recover a little faster. I will give it a couple days before i start training all 8 branches. But what do you all think.


Just so you don’t have to click.


I like to say “Leave the leaves”.

Curious what your plans / thoughts are for the circled growth points.


Circle growth patterns? And is this a bad thing? I’m not familiar.

I tried to circle the new growth points. i.e. if allowed to grow they will become colas.
I will update edited photo about topping

Oh I’m an idiot. Haha :smile:. I thought circled growth patterns was something the plant was doing. I do want to train those 8 branches. Shape them someway. Or top again after a few weeks and give myself 16 maybe.

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At the end of each main stem is a red line indicating where it would be topped. The 2 is the number new colas growth points (branches). Resulting in 8 colas.
The circled interior points can be grown out but that also means the plant needs to be grown bigger to allow for them.

This is an 8 colas manifold. Once it grew into the scrog net I allowed secondary branches to grow because 1) the plant was big enough to handle them and 2) there was enough space in the 3x3 tent. There are no secondary branches below the nets.

This is what it looked like on 3/16 one week after flip

This 4 days later. She grew and stretched so much I had to super crop the main colas

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That’s what i want my plant to look like.
From here i gotta let her veg and grow upward now? Or do i keep training those 8 branches?
And does more colas means more nutrients? Would the feeding cycle go from say once a week to twice a week? Its in a supersoil mix. I haven’t started any nutes yet.

It depends on how much space it has available.
This is what it looked like before it was topped the 2nd time and any LST - about 10" tall

A day or two later. Bent & stapled down (LST) and in the 2x2’ scrog frame

This was pruned following Nebula’s Manifold. The two mains are topped and each main stem has two branches originating from the 1st node

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I’m still not sure if I’m going to put her outside or try and grow her in my 2.3x 2.3 tent. I got the marshydro ts1000 set up. Not very much room. And a pretty basic light. I can barley fit 2 autos in there. Haha. I could set up another scrog and netting next to my other outdoor. But I would like to try and grow one indoor. I haven’t done this yet.

If it is an outdoor plant I would let it grow up and keep the interior sites I circled. And, unless you are wanting to practice, I would not top it again.
I can’t grow outdoors and would love to. Autos would do fine weather & growing season wise. Photos not enough hours of light before frost to make it worth it.

I’m in central cali. I got some good weather and right now is a good time to put them outside. They should veg until the end of the summer. All i got to deal with are high winds, bugs and random dense foggy nights and mornings. But yeah I’m happy with the 2 tops i did with it. I want to see how she turns out. I got other photos that i think are female that I could use to practiced on. And if all those clones i took from this gg4 take root ill have lots of more practice. I’ll go crazy with tops and get artistic with it. Haha


I just repotted a few GDP clones after topping them and some cleaning up.