I cant work it out

hi i had 8 plants under 12 hrs under a 400hps 400ml away from tip of plant ,temp 22c light on 18c light off,in pots with potting mix,but one by one the leaves have yellowed then gone onto the buds until i have had to pull them out,i have fed them once a week with maxfeed and blood and bone when they were younger,i have grown outdoors for 30yrs but i am baffled as to what is going wrong indoors,any help would be much appreciated

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Not sure. Have never used hps but I’ll tag some folks who may know. @dbrn32 @Budbrother @Bigsypowell @Growit

If you’ve got some pictures, it’ll help to diagnose.


hi thanks for your reply drillbit,i will try to download a couple of pics

400mm right? Have you done a hand test with that light? It may be too close. I’d like to see a picture of the plant before hazarding any guesses.

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hi budbrother,i am having trouble uploading a photo,do you have an email I could send it too

Tag me when you do. We can’t share personal info. Don’t expose the light too close to the tops. Use your hand as an approximation of heat. Hold at the top of the plants, and there should be no really hot feeling. If so move the light up. Too much heat may create clawed and dry leaves. They may look yellow and/or burnt across the tops of the plants. The loss of this top healthy coloring may cause some nutrient problems during photosynthesis.


Yup, I’d like to see pics too. Just guessing otherwise

thanks for your reply,i will try and upload again,its def not to close to the light as it seems to be working its way up not from the top