I can't tell if my plant is flowering or just new growth?

I can’t get a good picture. This is with a magnifier app at x2. My GSC autoflowering is 29 days above soil. There are a lot of preflowers. Is it possible she’s starting to flower already? The area in question is at the very top of the plant right in the center of some very new growth and I see quite a few white pistils in there.

yep looks like pistils = flower


Is it common for the plant to start flowering at the very top. It doesn’t look like this anywhere else.



My eyesight is so bad. I am wearing my reading glasses and looking through a magnifying glass. I am wondering if I am mistaking “white pistils” for brand new leaves. Do you think by the picture it is definitely flowering? If so I am going to have to start a new topic with a million questions. I wasn’t ready for flowering already.

@smokysmurf for sure flowering

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Yea bro, lol ur in flower, it must be an auto?

Yes, it’s an auto. Thanks.

I have a banana kush auto goin now n it snuck up on me to brother lol

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My plant is only about 15" tall and the stem is not quite the diameter of a pencil. Should I be worried about that?

I’m not as experienced as some of the others here, but I wld say not to worry, the autos dont get very big and in my general research it seems there yield is generally smaller as well…are u training at all?

No, this is my first grow so I haven’t done any training or topping or anything else except cross my fingers and watch it grow. I haven’t even started nutrients yet and did my first watering to runoff this morning. I thought I would have at least a few more weeks of veg. LOL.

here’s mine, just about the same as u described

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Oh yea brother, feed them lol, I start feeding mine as soon as I feel like it’s not a seedling anymore

Am I correct that if I go back to a post I made this morning and type @TheAccused you will be able to find that post and see the pictures of the entire plant?

I’m not sure what ur asking exactly, but yes if u tag me in a post itll bring me to that thread

Yes you can tag anyones name into your post and they will be notified and have a link to it.


I just have to point something out about non autos that I had never seen until my current cycle. For a number of reasons I wasn’t able to switch my photoperiod to flower for 8 weeks and they are massive. In the days before I went to 12/12 all four had pistils on an 18/6 schedule. The hole in the floraflex feeder cap is 2.5” and a couple are probably going to snap if that gives you an idea of how big they are.

Yea man, idk about the photos flowering b4 u switched or what clda caused it, but these plants will grow to fill the space there in, I’ve seen some guys on here growing outdoors have just MASSIVE plants…go check out some of the outdoor topics, some of it is just insane

do you have a small fan blowing on it / in the tent?