I can't remember who posted this

But I got my free sample kit from Xtreme Gardening today! Thank you Gromie!!!


I used the azos and mykos WP before transplant and granules at the roots for transplant. They loved it. Haven’t used the other stuff with it.


I hope you saw this from me haha probably not posted this awhile ago but have used it, and even had a buddy ordered another one for me and can’t say enough good thing about the Mykios root stimulant, it’s a most, Also the tea brew I am a big fan of. I was not a fan of the calcium stuff even on the packages says it will leave a white residue on water it gets on, it might be super beneficial but didn’t care have a white gloss to my girls. Made it hard for me to tell if I was having issue or if it was just the residue left over. But good find and I don’t grow without, best of luck