I can't get one seed to grow again replace how

None of the seeds germinated I can’t talk to service company custumer help.
What do I do to get my seeds replaced and then get them to growhelp

Welcome to the neighborhood @JOSHUA1 … how have you been trying to do it?

I read how the site said and none want to sprout

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I’ve never read it but I use wet paper towels and just recently from the folks on here I tried a cup of water and 5 of 8 have broken ground. All I can say is to email them I’ve heard others say theirs were replaced

Thanks I have been emailing them

They’ve been struggling their internet sales platform however you call them dropped them and they’re trying to transfer the info to the new system or whatever you do with it (obviously I’m not computer savvy lol) but all that happening at the busiest time of the year. Just hang on they’ll make things right they’re not a BS business.

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I read and did some reading before I started shopping here. Reviews where great! But I am waiting for many days to get new seeds. I wonder i I should asak for money back now?
How much time we get to ask for our money back??

What were your exact steps for germination?

Did you email customer service through the seed shop? When did you first email?

I germinated no seeds I first soaked then planted like you website said too.
I already Answered this. I sent pictures too!
Please send me new dream pack. You have been giving me the run around for a long time!

I know it’s frustrating to be in limbo but I can assure you once they get things running smoothly again they will make it right. I’ve had a few that didn’t germinate in my last 2 purchases ( prior to covid & their web platform giving them the boot) they went above and beyond. Give them some time (easier said then done I know) they’ll make it right.

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What is thier exact return policy for ungerminated seeds?

Umm, I think you are confused. I am part of the forum staff, not the seed shop. So the only information i know about you or your grow is what is posted in this topic. There’s definitely not any pictures here either.

As explained above, I can’t do this. Sorry!

Not me, or anyone that I know of. This is why I asked when you sent emails. 2 days ago, 2 weeks? Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just trying to help.

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In my experience, They will ask you a few questions about your germination process and as long as it was not human error they will stand behind their product

How do I get my money back