I cant figure out why a few of my plants are wilting. Overwatering?

Somone please help me figure out why 3 of 6 plants are wilting

They were treated exact same as the ones that are good and happy

They were treated exact same as the ones that are good and happy. this happend about a week ago after i fed them. then i thot i didnt water good enough then i watered again. they been like this for a week and a half mabe

@Chu666cky. I am going to watch this thread since I tend to overwater my plants. My houseplants need watering every three-four days but I’ve learned these plants shouldn’t be watered until dry.

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I dont get it. im usually pretty good when it comes to feed timing. I did overwater in the past when i first started or it may have been overpacked dirt i don remember.The best way i think i know of is the lift test. They are feelin pretty light but not dry-dry weight yet and i see no improvment from yesterday. Its really buggin me @JaneQP

Could be overwatering but you say your doing the lift test so seem like your good. Are you watering till runoff ? Runoff prevents the salts from building up in the soil, this will mess with the ph and cause all sorts of problems. Do you ph your your water ?

@Nicky can we get your thoughts on this one ?

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Yes i do im in promix hp and i ph as close to 6 as i can @Dave101

Do you have a fan running? How are temps? My closet is cold. I am thinking that is why my girls are not thirsty. I took “Gary” out today for sunlight and dry air in the house.

Patience is a virtue. Give her some time.

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yes lots of airflow and temps at 25 deg celcius not too hot

Have you checked runoff ph, or soil slurry test(google it) ?

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Will do the ph runoff test on next watering @Dave101 i didnt think of that

if i water at ph6 what am i looking for when i check ph of runoff?

I believe ph for promix is 5.8 - 6.5 (anyone correct me if I’m wrong)

So example if you water in at ph 6 and ph 4 comes out your to low, ph 7 to high

You can try soil slurry if you don’t want to water your plants right now. Good time to check tds if you have a meter

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They should be dry tmrw or saturday. i would rather runoff test. Also if i did do slurry do i need ro or distilled? @Dave101? I feed with dechlorinated tap water. And how deep do i gota get the test soil?

Sweet spot for ProMix is 6.2


Thank you Otis. You come off confident and ive gotten allot of different opinions. ill raise it a bit @Otis

@Otis recently i was told 5.7 and let the dolomite drag it up? as an example and not here. i didnt do it tho

What size pots are they in? I run ProMix HP in 5 gallon fabric pots. In veg and early flower (first week or so), I can water every 4days, sometimes 5. When flowering really kicks in, my girls need water every other day. Actually one of my GDP’s could use water every day but I like to keep a regular schedule in that flower tent. One thing u should keep in mind. If the ProMix had really dried out from lack of water, it can become hydrophobic. U can pour a couple of gallons into it, thinking u r giving it plenty of water. But in reality, it’s not soaking the whole thing. Don’t know if that’s the case with yours. If it is, water with small amounts, very slowly, I’m talking a gallon or two over maybe an hour, a little bit at a time. This will rehydrate the entire media. Then go back to regular water cycle.

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ProMix is considered soilless, so hydro ph is recommended. Most growers I know that use ProMix shoot for 6.2. That’s what I do, and have good results with that number.


im in plastic 3 gals. i only grow 2 to 2.5 foot plants. its not that they arent holding water but holding it too long. in flower mine go 3 somtimes mor days befor needing water. Am i packing them in pots too tight mabe. from what ur saying mine are taking too long to dry out. I have run into the hydrophobia before now i check the pots to make sure its all wet now