I can't fail again part II

how do i get this to be a part of the other thread?
try again|605x500

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Is the one with a blue X a stem or leaf? If it is a stem, it is one of the 2 secondary stems I was talking about. And some how you also got the stem in the middle. If a leaf, the secondary is the one in the middle.
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ok so i went and looked and took another pic cause i wanted to make sure i know what i am talking about. the one that you have the blue x on is a leaf… not a stem like i thought. there is the stem on the left with the yellow arrow, that is a cola…and then the thin one that has a yellow arrow that is a cola. in the pics on the other post i can clearly see 5 colas that are standing above the canape and only 2 are coming from where i topped.

Ok that is kinda what I was thinking. The second stem from the topping is just different from what I usually see. It usually looks just like the one with the arrow pointing down. In the end, the topping did what it was supposed to do. Create two colas / stems and initially reduce the overall height.

after examining closer i can see what your talking about and where the colas are originating. very interesting. i have not topped on any of other grows that failed but these girls look amazing compared to the others. the one that i topped is still taller but the growth has slowed 1 in over the last 2 weeks while the shorter one has gained.

@KeystoneCops I had to add another light I see what your saying. Luckily I had a small light I could put in to help

If you can swing $99, the HLG 65 4K would be a great light to have on hand for veg stages, and it would help you right now to keep the internode spacing tight. It’s a quality light for not that much money. The HLG 100 3k is only $150.

I don’t see flowers yet. Even if your light schedule has changed, you have months yet to go, and the plants will keep growing.

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I’m gonna check that out. They are just 1 week in on flower so I have not seen any buds, I am just now starting to see the white little strings coming out.

I am 1 week 5 days since I flipped and I’m starting to see bud

Question for everyone, these girls are getting huge, I still have 8 was till harvest should I put a string around the and lift branches up, stopping the spread outwards.

@beardless @KeystoneCops I have seen leaves with 5 even 7 blades never 9. Is this something I should be worried about?

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Additional leaflets are usually indicative of vigor. I would not be concerned.

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nice put in a scrap book no worries

Ty ty ty…

Hahaha, I just might do that

Keystone I can’t find these lights on Amazon, the day u sent this I looked up real quick and found them but when I return to amazon to read up on it more they are not coming up. Do you have a link by chance?

@KeystoneCops I finally found it on amazon, but it’s currently u available do u have any other suggestions

I don’t. I was actually looking at the 100 in 4k as well. It was available 2 days ago, and unavailable yesterday. I would just keep an eye out, and see if you can get a notification when it’s available again. I believe Rightbud is getting more HLG in stock on 6/15 or 16. You can ask them.

Ok thanks I was looking at bestva do u have any comments about it

I found a couple places that has the hlg 100 v2 but I’m confused about the 3k and the 4K, it’s saying one is for veg and one is for flower, can you not use the same one for both?