I cannot get any of my Auto flower seeds to grow

Hi Guys and Gals.about 6 Months ago I Had to down size to 2 plants.so I started ordering Auto flower seeds. Since then I have had no luck at all.I tried 2 orders of Auto Flower mix pack,1 was replaced free of charge thank you. I started germinating in peat pellets then unfortunatly I learnt about Root Rot/seed drowning. About 3 weeks ago I recieved my order for 10 Gorilla Glue Auto seeds.2 duds, I have really studied your growing techniques. This time I went back to Rock wool cubes ph about 6.light spray once a day.The seedling grow about 30m/m under a floro light then flop and die.Also most had no roots showing. I still have 5 gold leaf seed left (feminised) I dont want to waste them.Any Ideas to help me get through this problem.As you know there’s No hope without Dope.Regards Walt.

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Welcome to the community ! I normally soak my seeds 24 hours in a cup of water then go to the paper towel method, clamshell Between Two saucers I’ll have Sprouts in 2 days. I use seed starting soil in a starter cup. Fox Farm or black gold both make a good seedling starting product .Usually 14 days you have roots coming out the bottom of the starter cup then Transplant to fiber cloth pots with cannabis friendly soil. Just my thoughts good luck.


I do 24 hours in water then straight to 3 gal fabric pot , once seeds sprouts cover with clear dome and spray inside the dome twice a day, good luck

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Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

What you’re doing isn’t working, time to try something else :slight_smile:

I have a 100% germ rate and very successful grow following the below guide.

Good luck!


Agree with the above, use a different method. I also soak in water with hydrogen peroxide in a warm spot for 24hrs, then soak a paper towel with that same water its soaking in and put in a baggie in the same warm spot for another 24hrs and then in the dirt…100% germ rate so far !

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I have been growing for 30 plus years…every which way…clones, seeds, feminized. Definitely not a “newbie”. I came to ILGM because the seeds from my former seed provider were not germinating. I have had many successful crops from seeds purchased through ILGM…until my most recent purchase…5 out of 10 Feminized Gorilla Glue seeds did not sprout & ALL10 of Auto Flower Gorilla Glue seeds failed…I have followed the recommendations on this site for starting the seeds but this purchase did not work…$100 worth of seeds failed…not sure what the problem is, but I am unable to fine the “form” to let ILGM know of the problem. Can somebody please help me? Thank you!!