I CANNOT figure out what’s going on here

Definitely root aphids, most aphids are kind of Pear shaped. Wish I could tell you a good product, I think @NYDon had a fist fight with them not to long ago. Those other winged guys look like fungus gnats.

Im looking into blue magic. I guess its for cannabis & u can use from seed to harvest. Its pricey, but a little makes a lot, 1oz makes a gallon.works on alot of issues, bugs & mold. Gonna do a little more asking around before i buy it

It’s bugs on the roots, it looks like root aphids. How do I get rid of these??? I’ve only ever had bugs once before and it wasn’t those.

I don’t have any experience with root aphids but I did a quick search and found this :point_down: I can’t say if any of it works or not. I do remember a guy that had root aphids outside in his plants and he played hell fighting with them

:point_down: Copy paste :point_down:

Getting Rid of Root AphidsPlant Removal

The most effective method for treating a plant that is noticeably affected by root aphids is to remove and destroy the entire plant. Waiting to see if the plant will still flower, produce fruit or otherwise thrive is not recommended as the longer the aphids are allowed to remain, the more widely the problem is likely to spread. When removing the plant, take care to keep the root aphids and eggs as contained as possible – avoid shaking the plant and dropping any aphids or eggs onto the soil or any healthy plants below.

If you are not keen on removing your entire plant, it is possible to cook the soil in order to kill the aphids. If you have an indoor garden, remove the plant from the soil, then remove the soil from the container. Place soil on a baking sheet and bring up to temperature. If outdoors, the same effect can be achieved by placing a black tarp over the affected garden soil on a sunny day. The effectiveness of this solution varies, so be sure to check for remaining root aphids after treatment.

Sticky Traps

Yellow sticky traps are recommended to assist in trapping any moving root aphids. Beneficial nematodes can also be added to your soil in order to help with the eradication of these insects.

Insecticidal Soaps

Insecticidal soaps are not recommended as a treatment for root aphids. This is due to that fact that they will not kill any bugs located beneath the soil. Instead, we recommend you treat your plants with neem oil or a pyrethrum-based spray, which will need to be used early during the infestation. You may also water a Spinosad-based insecticide into the soil, or utilize Beauveria, a fungus that contains spores that will attack the root aphids.

Beneficial Predator Insects

Finally, we recommend attracting predator species such as birds which will pick the aphids off of your outdoor crops. You can also introduce parasitic wasps and ladybugs, which will both eat any root aphids found above the soil

@Cowboy88 are you using plastic pots if so you can plug them holes and water the shit of out of it drowned there asses

Wow these sound like awful bugs to get, i wish u all the luck in getting rid of them. Please let us no your results once you figure them out , thanks