I can use these led lamps Whether such lamps are suitable for plants I have 5 such lamps Light source color 830 warm white Init. Corr. Color Temperature 4000 K Initial luminous flux (system flux) 4900 lm

Have to ask @dbrn32 but based on wattage 5 of them would only cover 5 square feet at most. Depending on how well they disperse the light maybe less. How much did they cost and how big is your grow space?


4000k is a better color temp for veg than flower, but they’ll work. 46 watts for 4900 lumens isn’t great efficacy though. Figure they would flower a 2x3 space pretty well. Much bigger and you’d be a little weak.

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good morning, buy 1 lamp hps 400wat box has the size 1.62cm .90 / 180

I will give 4 such led lamps and one 400 watt hps ?

How big of a area?

1.62cm .90 / 180

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No that won’t be enough light. It will work but you’ll likely have low yield if my math is right. I think that works out to 17 square feet. If so you need 850 watts of light. Those 5 plus a 400 hid works out to 625 watts. A 600 watt HID would be closer.