. I can’t get the miracle gro soil here in Australia, only the soluble plant food not the soil. Help me please

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi guys, just a quick question about germination. I can’t get the miracle gro soil here in Australia, only the soluble plant food not the soil. There are a couple of other options, I just need to know if the miracle gro soil is a slow release soil? Also what is the drainage like on it? Low, medium or high drainage soil. Would Osmocoat kind of soil be a good replacement. Thank you for your time and help.

hey mate, im in aus also and wouldnt bother to much searching bunnings for soil, just go to your local hydro shop (one you feel comfortable in so you can have a good chat) and theyll have some coco and or coco with perlite premix for you and you can add your own organic fertilizers to it if your going the organic way or they have some right food for them. coco is great for drainage too! i suggest you join the ilgm forum theres plenty of great people in there that loce helping and are bloody good growers too!


Cool thanks mate, will definitely give that a shot. Cheers.

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Hey :wave: brother
Look to see if your local garden center has Cactus soil
They like the same conditions as our beloved Cannabis plants so Cactus soil works great
And quality garden soil will work as a medium
You can mix it with perilte to help with drainage as well 70-30 mix


Growers usually don’t like Miracle Grow potting soil because it has nutrients in it. (Name kind of gives it away, doesn’t it?) The problem is that it is fine for vegetating, but for flowering you want to change the nutrients and that is hard to do if they are embedded for time release in the soil. And then at the end, it’s impossible to do a good flush so the weed is harsh to smoke.

Better choices are mediums that have no time release nutrients, then you add your own as needed. Coco coir is the ultimate medium because the only nutrients in it are the last ones you poured in. If you can find a friendly hydroponics shop they will be very helpful and sell coco, nutrients, lights, plumbing, etc.