I can’t get rid of those bastards <angry face>

Damn. That’s crazy. I have 3 plants all within a few weeks of each other and all have signs of mites. I sprayed them all tonight with Captain Jacks and will hit them every 3 to 4 days for the next few weeks. I think I’m roughly 4 weeks from harvesting my 1st plant.

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Yeah; mites tend to colonize plants in flower when the immune system is compromised. Don’t spray peroxide while using Captain Jack’s as it will kill the bacterium. What I do is initially spray plant down with a dilute peroxide mixture like 4 tablespoons in a gallon. Use distilled or R/O as solids in tap water will denature peroxide over time. Not an issue if used immediately. Wait 24 hours then apply Captain Jack’s. Wait five days then repeat peroxide/water and Captain Jack’s. That will loosen dead insects, help to kill emergent mites and prep for the C.J.'s. (It works in five days time so doing a reset doesn’t hurt as you are reapplying it. This you can do up to the day of harvest.

Thanks. I will get the peroxide today. I hit them with C.P. last night. Should I wait several days before I use the peroxide/water mix? Then start the cycle of it and C.P.

IIRC the gestation period for the bacteria is 5 days. Peroxide will kill that same bacteria so I go 5 days with the C.J.'s, spray peroxide water and wait 24 hours, then spray C.J.'s again. Keep doing all the way to harvest as you won’t completely eliminate them but will control them.

This morning the amount was definitely down after I hit them with C.P. last night. What day should I hit them with the peroxide/water mixture and after that what day should I use C.P.? Thanks