I can start do some LST?

@Low , @Budz

What are you thinking? How many nodes up is it? Side picture. You can FiM at 4/5 nodes. Like a little fatter if topping tho. FiM is more fun to me tho, less predictable since I pinch.

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I just try to so just lst to the right zide only

But is OK I can wait until next week

I’m not good at counting nodes either. Just fimmed this one yesterday.

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Next time pic with flash cuz all you can see is the plant and all blue lmao but look good she going to the 2week?

3 ish weeks I think. Used colored light to get the stretch to compound like that. Intended mother so I wanted it away from soil. Gonna be playing with her for awhile
Used a lot of red at sprout to stretch it up. Then went blue to keep new growth compact. She gets a good jostle from one end of a fans oscillating cycle. Made the stem strong like that

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@Budz I love I just plant the new seed on the soil so wait to give some attention to but talk about LST I think me and you can do LST just small one zide I see ppl do lst on 2week

I do training. I’ve tried a good bit. Like my slh zombie. That thing has seen the ringer, even damped off once from over watering. Has done amazing things since. Not sure whether it’s considered a clone of itself or not, but it for sure died once. Hence, zombie.

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This other I can’t do toppings cuz I’m rookie but I see how they do LST and I have the staple landscaping so I thinking to do next week just moving to the right zide and went get more I do more

Topping is the easiest, safest in regards to expectation

All of my plants in flower tent were fimed or topped, two by accident, except the two on far right.

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The two that were accidental topping was failed training on sativa dominants flipped immediately after seedling. They were getting to tall to keep light where it needed to be for others. Bent them. Over did it. So they were both topped after flip. Which isn’t recommend