I can not determine if my plants are male or female and I am starting the flowering process

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I can not determine if my plants are male or female and I am starting the flowering process. I have a total of six plants and I only have two in my tent that I know for sure are females. My wife had me take them out already and all I see is female growth on them. (It’s the great debate in our house right now lol) we are first time growers and she said the other four, three are Hermies and one is male. I don’t see it and am afraid we may have taken them out to soon? Any advice? The plants are all about a week apart every two plants and the oldest two are over nine weeks, thanks! Let me know if u need more info

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Do you have any pictures


Perfect example :joy:

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Hairs are fem and nuts are male if u have both that’s not a bad thing if u have a hermi put her in a sep sealed away from other non hermis and bloom her as is she will give u fem seeds if u let her go full term but you will need to research how to collect the seeds fem seeds are always female plants and some times u get a hermi if I am wrong on that plz tell me cose I have had like 2 hermi over the years and one I let go full term and sofar every seed i have used from the hermi was always a fem plant

Hello all. First time chatter here. I really wanna know the answer to this. Always feard hermies because i thought they spit 80% more hermies… good for seed. Bad for potent bud

Plants that show both male and female flowers on the same plant will still produce viable mostly female seeds, but and heres the but, the vast majority of those seeds will also have that hermaphrodite gene in their makeup and by continual breeding of those genes will eventually lead to plants that are all hermaphrodites and have very little if any smokeable material on them. Discard them from your garden you do not want their pollen any where near you pure females. Study the diagram in the above post from @Tammie and get yourself a small magnifying scope and really have a good look. If you think you might have a male keep a close eye on it as you will be able to tell beyond a doubt well before they have a chance to release any pollen.

Ty mountainman1 I wasn’t sure how I ended up with a lot of fems in that I haven’t had them in years it was just something I had for a time