I can chop right

Check this out.
This was yesterday.


Iā€™m out long day tomorrow

Sounds good take care

Tricks will still mature and change colors even after the tree is cut. In the pic I seen up there I would start flush on it the other maybe not yet as it still looks like it has time. Good luck on this. Someone will get u the answer u want

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So true, it never gets mentioned how much ripening takes place with the trichomes even after they are cut. After I chop. I give them a low-level light and dark cycle so they continue processing sugars and chlorophyll.

What type of high are you after if u want couch lock have more amber trichomes

The tricombs look good, your really close.
That Red strawberry banana by sweet seeds is 75% indica so I would let it run a little bit longer your very close though.
Once you see tart to see some Amber heads toss it into 2 days of darkness and then chop it.

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One outdoor in ground plant can easily get you 18 Oz