I can chop right

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Those are some long ass trichomes!
They appear to be mainly all cloudy even though you don’t have many amber?
Which contradicts normal routine.
But if you could have all cloudy w/ amber I guess that would most excellent.
But I’m finding different lighting gives me different clarity. I am currently fighting this fight.

What strain is this?

Red strawberry banana by sweet seeds also what do you mean that it contradicts normal routine.

They look nice and milky to me. Gonna tag in @Nicky if he’s around - he has a great example photo of what to be lookin’ for.


That’s would be nice thank you

From what I understand, normally you wouldn’t have all cloudy trichomes until you were about 20% amber.
But I guess there’s an exception to every rule?

It could be due to this plant being very unhealthy due to pest issues

The shit tastic one in the back is the trichome pics

Sorry bad pic

Perhaps your trichomes look so good because it’s an indoor grow? I do mostly outdoor grows so mine probably get a little beat up

I always want some amber but it’s not going I think the plant might be a bit dead at this point. Also if your doing outdoor grows on nwi I’m down the street grow buddy lol

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This us some Acapulco Gold I’m about to harvest.


Looking good the weather by us has been shit too had a buddy doing outdoor temps killed him. You ever go to dfc in Gary?

What’s dfc?

Firework shop lol I’m out in Gary and Hammond all the time I live in Chicago tho

No but I live 5 minutes from Gary.
Growing in the ground is the way to go. Even with no rain here and lots of heat. I’m blessed with nice buds

Last year I grew 2 plants and ended up with 36 oz.

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That and you grew well and that’s a insane yield must of been 2 7 footers lol. I think I’ll chop my ugly girl this week trichomes are always tough for me shaky hands bad eyes confusion on color etc


I topped mine 3 times last year. Each plant had at least 16 big colas. They were 6 foot wide and 6 foot tall. You could smell them from the sidewalk in front of my house. And I had them about 200 feet back.

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Nice I always wanted to do outdoor just don’t have the land I thought about stealth growing in a corn field but I’m too old to be sneaky around a cornfield with a bottle of nutes in my backpack lol.

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