I burned / wilted my plant - help save the rest

I couple of nights ago, I must have moved either my plant or my heater to close to each other and ended up drying up / burning my Gorilla Glue Auto and lost at good 1/3 to 1/2 the plant.
Here are the before pictures 9-29-2019

and the after I trimmed bad away picture 10-1-2019

My question : Is there anything I need to do or should due to the remaining to ensure it doesn’t die off due to total shock or anything else?

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U readjusted her environment im guessingg. Remaining leaves are fine.

@Mrcrabs is the natural remedy guy. He mixes a taste of aloe to help stressing plants. Not sure of his ratio but his girls are looking good and in the heat of texas


I took heater off of floor and hung it for now til I get my other tent up and running and can move some plants out of this one, I currently have 6 5 gal fabric pots in 2x4x6. I have another 2x2x4 that I need to get a filter for and move a couple of them out into that one for now.

I think correcting the situation is probably good. There are some products that really seem to bring plants back from stressful encounters. Liquid karma, super thrive, and I’m sure there are others. A dose or two of something like that probably wouldn’t hurt.


I have super thrive, I will mix some of that up.

Thank you.

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