I Broke off a Branch

You can learn from my mistake.

I’m a noob and I made a noob mistake (first grow in 30+ years.) I was attempting to train my newly formed main growth to grow out from the main stalk by bending it toward horizontal. The branch separated from the node and was only hanging on with what could have been only a few fibers of plant. After a couple of hours the my new, broken main was wilting. I was heartbroken.

I propped it up in place as best I could. My plant greeted me this morning with a broken branch that had re-attached and was standing proud, green, and healthy.

Have no fear. These suckers are resilient. If you break it off, then prop it up, tape it up, or whatever you have to do. It will heal rather quickly like magic.


Nice job on the repair! Yes they are resilient after all they are just a weed :sunglasses::wink:

If it happens again a tried and true remedy is to put a little honey or aloe on the break. Then tape it back together with electrical tape or something similar. Lots of examples on here of that kind of fix.


Electrical tape is a great band-aid

Oh shit I’d be pissed at myself. Lucky she forgave you.