I broke my Autopots

Goods evening everyone. I was doing some maintenance on my plants this morning and moved the pots around. When I woke up this evening my pots were flooded so I started to disassemble them and I broke the 4 way connector. I ordered a new connector but that will take some time to get here.

How should I go about watering my plants untill three parts come in?

I’m in a 70/30 coco perlite mix feeding Jacks 321

Pull the valves and lines until your parts come in. Water as if you are the valve…be the valve…
Repeat after me … Be…The…Valve…
Just water right in the tray, as if you were adding some organic like recharge/surge etc.


Thank you so much. I stressed myself out so much that I didn’t even think of that.


This is 1 of the reasons that I always recommend a shutoff valve at each tray. That way you could shut the valve off, leave the line in the tray and put about twice as much water in without it spilling out of the hole


I have shutoffs on each pot I was trying to disconnect everything so I could drain them. That’s when I broke it. :man_facepalming:

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Yeah those things are pretty flimsy. I try to keep spares of everything on hand


Keeping spares of almost everything has saved me more than I care to admit.

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Redundancy of any items required for growing is a necessity. I basically have backups for just about everything. I hope you ordered a few of those 4 way connectors. The first time I broke down my tent after my first autopot grow I broke the 4 way taking it apart to clean it. I’ve found that you need to pull the hoses straight off the connectors if you wiggle them even a little bit they break.

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Just go to home depot and get new parts. It would be alot quicker