I Believe ILGM!


With these girls WILL once again add some coconut husk to further air the roots plus I will be bringing in the little aquarium pump. Removed 1 1k LED and kept 2 LED FLOODS. Reason is to alleviate the heat issue. Now heading into colder months things should fair quite nicely plus yeild should increase with promise of correct care. Thumbs up ILGM.[quote=“Viktor7, post:41, topic:15410, full:true”]




@Viktor7 Your plants look great.:grin: I used to use CFLs for vegging plants and I always kept them 1-3”” from tops you will get some nice tight nodes which is what we want, just my two cents.Again very nice plants!


Finished with a total of 182 grams dry. Really great smoke and I do love ILGM


Wait until you guys see STRING BEAN the blue dream she looks amazing will have a few photos soon ILGM STRAINS ROCK. JUST ORDERED L.A. CONFIDENTIAL!!!


There are Quite a few new ones, I can’t wait to check out @Viktor7


Everybody welcome STRING BEAN the blue dream. She is now 1 month old from sprout. I plan on keeping her in veg. For 2 months to try to get a big plant. I am proud of her because she recovered nicely from a terrorist fruit fly attack that broke her neck. I gave her some GH bio marine and black diamond and she stood back up nicely. I am proud to be part of theILGM family!! Happy growing


I got a big order coming to you soon. At least I think it’s big.i will be ordering 5 strains from you guys soon. That’s a lot of $!! So I hope I can get a guip pro qou in return


not a big order, but you will be getting good genetics lol


:rofl: That’s a great aspect. As of I don’t expect,
But like hope
When I planted these seeds
I trust that what grows will be good weed!!


Okay quick recap of what Frankenstein holds

Meet String Bean the Blue Dream!!! She has graduated to the new facility with the honors of a new pot! String Bean is a precious seed because she is the first pilot to navigate Frankenstein’s environment solo.
The initial run of Frankenstein showed me that the closet is ideal for fast autogrow yeilds but to accomplish a better grade then space is required. Quick Shout Out to the Widow SistersThey showed me a lot. I definitely respect the way ILGM produced these girl’s strain.
Okay back to String BeanI added the air pump and set my baby on the following crush & run rock at base of pot. Next is a coconut fiber filling. This stuff is great it degrades super slow and is 100% neutral around root allowing rooting to not only spread faster but also penetrate to base level where root will continue to strengthen. Air is fed through rock barrier
So this is semi hydro. My watering system is to fill reserve to 1.5 inches fresh RO WATER. I feed from top meaning I pour the GH nutrients mix into the pot. Right now the way my system pumps the soil stays damp but very puffy and airy. Bean’s root system was broken due to the BS type net I used to reserve for transplant however she has recovered super fast
I also tried to FIMM but I don’t think I did it right. I did do a little pinch and bend here or there. So far so good. This is the ILGM BLUE DREAM STRAIN looking quite happy.
As am I.


So pretty much with me still being little leagues; Would it be wise to allow this plant to reach 24" before I pull the flood lights out??. The reason I say this is because if I leave them in the bud gets too dense and my risk of rot increases. Anybody got a thought besides buy a dehumidifier???






@Viktor7 24” is an acceptable height. It’s all about how much height you have, and how much stretch you anticipate during flowering. Some strains stretch more than others. If you’re unable to get a dehumidifier you should get fans, and a fresh air exchange to keep the air flowing the best you can. I hope this helps.


Why is your humidity so high?
you should not be worried about bud rot indoors… :wink:
If that’s the case I would tell you to focus on getting your environment in order before you concentrate on too many other things… :wink:
Instead of a dehumidifier , just move more air through the area … :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


@Viktor7 what is the temps and humidity in your tent? How many fans do you have in there?


Was running 2 lost a little 4" now down to one for now. My temps run quite high because of 2 1k LED panels. To help alleviate the heat stress I leave doors open when lights on. It is working for now but I would like to get this thing working without open exposures. Temps 68°night 83-90° day… plants do grow under high heat. But I don’t let it get over 82° . With doors open running day. Normal temp is 72°


this is String Bean the blue dream. She has had 2 feedings and swallows about a gallon of water every 3 days! ILGM really have phenomenally strong strains. This is just LAST with a pinch and a failed FIMM. LMAO😂


Quick update on String Bean. She was born on October. 7 2017. She was terrorized by fruit flies and showed improvement after I enclosed her . Her development has taken this long because I am developing for maximum capability of environment. I can only rock these 3 gallon pots but by adding an air pump to oxidize water it has blown up. Also I would have flipped the light by now with her being only 1 foot tall. This time I’m going to push for 2.5ft. before the flip. That should allow me to maximize my space of 46". This is the 3rd ILGM strain tested. The variables to differentiate grows are the following.
Additional equipment:
4" inline duct fan- heat exhaust system
9" 2speed oscillating fan. Added with 4" 2 speed fan
Aqua Pro air pump dual line air feed system 2900cpm
Variation 2.
Increased feeding schedule.
General Hydroponics nutrients
Bio root
Bio marine
Bio weed
Bio Thrive Grow
Previous feeding was 5 days ago with additional fertilizers from Flower Power line recommended by ILGM.
Added by the reservoir.
Feeding protocal changed:
Nutient supplied to plant topside of pot around and on and around the lower 3" of stem.
Water supplement varies weekly by applied fertilizer to reserve. First water RO/Tap+GH nutes. 2nd water FP nutes no top feed. Reserve empties every 3-4 days. Temp. 76°-92° humidity: 40%-63% airflow constant. CO2 yes.
I have finally figured out my grow space. Now I fully intend on harvesting every maximized ILGM strain they present. I’m so glad I found these guys!!! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE STRING BEAN!!
pics coming soon. I will say she has NOT been topped and show 20+ branch/bud locations at 12". Unbelievable!!! Pics coming soon