I Believe ILGM!


I did raise lights back up to 3 feet because they were making girls really thick and way too bushy. Light does penetrate so I got super undergrowth


Okay this week’s results from raised lights plus feeding Saturday. They are getting some mass. I can’t wait to take out closet to expose what can’t be seen as far as base of plants. The GSCx is now confirmed to be dwarfed because she has not grown any further vertically. I am guessing still another 3-4 weeks on her. The Widow sisters seem to be completely in line with ILGM stated facts regarding growth and development by reaching minimal goal after mistakes and temperature battles. I give it an A+ rating!! I have dropped a Blue Dream bean expecting to have a decent sprout by the time I harvest cookies. I am growing strictly by GH organics. This grow is fun filled and very educational. I rely on horticulture as a stress reliever. It curbs anxiety and helps me to more intently focus on multiple projects sustainably. These strains are incredible achievers and


Very nice grow you have going! :slight_smile:



More bud porn.

These are recent shots. I’m not good at judging harvest times. I believe the WW May be ready in 2 weeks The GSCx has another month more than likely. I am hardheaded and I got tired of burnt sugar leaves on GSCx so I plucked them off. Thus the reason top cola more exposed. Also side branching is slow to fill in. It’s a midget already just hope smoke is decent. I have a blue dream that popped!! YEA!!! It is under 18/6. On day 2 of sprout fed a little GH root builder just to get her to become a big feeder. Signs of initial sprout leaves showing 24 hours later. Germ. Process was 24 hours in RO water in cap. Taproot to medium. MG standard. I was hoping to get to store but baby born quick. So I’m hoping 35 watt cfl above will cut stretch. Light is 8-9 inches above seedling. Jiffy 3x5 quick starter pot in pan to hold run off. Plant is absorbing water nicely. I will keep updated. Not expecting super weights because of learning curb. None the less I proud of my girls and I now know 2 grow only 1 based on space. More pics of ILGM genetics coming soon thanks guys and girls you have offered me great support and I am glad to be stuck with you all! Happy growing!!


New baby
Closet space maxed out no lollipop no top lst started at end of week 8 of veg. So plants would grow into necessary spacing formations. Right now I suspect this is week 7 maybe no yellowing of leaves lots of crystal on every plant WW frosty but GSCx is really there. She has a nice kinda fruity berry smell. The widow sisters are most pine skunky and a sense if diesel. No fruit! Also darker than GSCx. They have full cola branching around 4-5" colas per branch and at last count I was at 26 between the sisters. The cookie monster has 11 branches. She needs a lot more time to bud. Been basically picking off dead leaves which are mostly from me reaching in to water and feed. Right now I feed once a week and water will be held off this weekend until Monday. No more nutrients for widow sisters. GSCx probably will get another shot of GH Monday. Hopefully sisters will be able to harvest in 2.




Question about harvest and cure.
I’m about to get these 3 soon, I would like the best results possible. My environment is cool and very dry also darker than normal room space


I’m not sure what the question is? @Viktor7


I like mine to hang in a dark room for the entire time there drying with about 50% humidity and a faint breeze in the room , but not actually blowing at the plants… and once the stems snap , I trim and jar and burp every day , depending… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


When it comes to drying. My buds are very dense I have hung entire plant in past however I see several cultivators trim and dry on racks is there a difference in drying time and also the peroxide water rinse. Will it hurt the tricomes ?


Instead of placing directly into jars after “snap”; PLace in brown paper bags. This allows the inner bud to balance dampness with outer portionb of bud. After about a week, place in jars. :slight_smile:


Sthanks I really don’t want to hinder potency any further. Cookies are beginning to have a hint of mint to them


So basically the drying location will be the basement. I know the area is cool dark and dry .I just question whether it would be better to hang plant with trim or chop and dry in netting?



So not much to post this week however on a sadder note I sent GSCx to girlfriends home for TLC. She caught a case of powder mildew and I feel some open air may help. The widow sisters are still in the box and fattening up. I give them two more weeks no more nutrients. . I hope GSCx will be okay she is tiny by my standards but I made the mistakes


Had to kill GSCx due to bud rot. She died exactly 4 weeks early. GSCx lived a happy joyous life with her sisters however her small stature caused her early demise. Let’s all smoke a bong for her may her remains blow well in the wind.


Weighed in at 2oz wet.


Then there were 2. The widow sisters are very grateful for the space. Just curious in this last week- week & half should I kind of think to pluck the extra fan leaves off and let them just absorb the Sweetwater I applied or just leave and continue to give regular water? It has at least 2 water visits left. Fed a little brown sugar (dark) to give those buds some sweet loving . Tri- is still at milky white levels with maybe 2-3 Amber tints. I did have to kill GSCx due to bud rot. I caught it early but plant was at least 3 weeks from maturity. Also proved that my closet cannot grow more than 3 medium sized plants. The shorter stature plant received more humidity due flower thus causing the rot. I did get a clean OZ. And even in a much weakened status and not curing I did cheat to see if it could be salvaged for which it can. Simply plucked off rot on top cola and letting cure out. Very strong head high. Which is good. I will give an update on newbie (Blue Dream) which I have named string bean. I am very pleased thus far and will be ordering again soon