I Believe ILGM!

Since this is my second grow indoors .I because to dedicate my learners permit to @bob31 and family. Every since I have discovered this place I have become a more successful grower of quality bud.
Thank you!

Now onto the festivities.
I believe I started these plants around end of June. There is a 2 week difference between strains however all on same time schedule.

Strain1 ILGM’s White Widow (fem) 2 plants
Strain2 ILGM’s Girl Scout Cookie Extreme (fem)-GSCx 1 plant

The box: “Frankenstein” 36"L x 21" W x 57"H.
This was a bottom of the totem experiment however it has proven to be dependable processor.
2-119K LUMEN 85w “True White” full spectrum LED FLOODLIGHTS by BSF
MEDIUM- MG- ultraLight seed starting & potting soil (Miracle Grow)
Germination: water in top 2 -days to tap.
Starter pot: Jiffy 5" smart
Retainer Pot: 3gal. Florals
Final Pot: 5gal. Florals
Max height of canopy is 47"
1-6" variable speed fan
1-4" single speed fan
*Pots do rest in water!
H2O: Only given R.O. water entire lifespan
I have used 2 separate lines of product in tandem
Flower power kit
General Hydroponics kit Organic
CO2- DUE TO VENTILATION AND open exposure to home not an issue however I do understand more concentrated efforts could help.
So this is the beginning
THIS GUY IS A 40year old wardrobe. Wooden construction and because it’s a late sixty’s early 70’s model the rounded off expressions are nice.
Has a 2x4 center beam and additional upper shelving parallel to door side. There is a gap of 3" between actual ceiling and center beam
This thing was made for weed.

So starting out as most I wanted to spend as little $ as possible. This is what I came up with @ $450.00.
Of course I wasn’t wasting time with ILGM beans once Frankenstein was verified operational.

With this operation I have encountered 2 issues
One is unavoidable currently and the other is just a nuisance
Nuisance first. Because Frankenstein is a wardrobe I do have some problems accessing the bottom of these plants so far I feel even now 3 plants are far too much for tiny space to produce the big yield I expect based off strain data and calculations.
Second issue- the Art of Screwing Up!
Yes along this grow I made multiple mistakes that hampered production
With that being said
First if we make a mistake it can be corrected if noticed in time.
I did a few dumb ones. Usually my doors would be open. Left for 3 days and let system run temps hit 94°! Plus no water those 3 days. Plants we’re fine but I know the heat more than likely hampered the bud development. Humidity of the monster is adequate at 38°
I also shot my girls with a blood fertilizer that was waaaayyyy too strong. Now green plant looks like a damn dalmation. I must admit this was somewhat intentional because last plants I burnt with stuff grew monster buds at 6-9 inch colas. That was some try your luck bag seed with probably 11th generation strains of herms and low THC PLANTS. I have grown to trust the advice and continue to learn now at a snail’s pace. Happy Growing ILGM family let’s grow together!

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I think your post is incomplete buddy! Following this for sure!

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Thanks @Viktor7 That is very appreciated by me! You get a :star: today!

I hope you will post some pics so we can see what you are working with!

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Dated July 19. The widows and GSCx
They popped up super happy and very healthy!
a little over 10 days later put them in Frankenstein
Again about 10 days later these babies started turning into rambunctious little monsters
There is a 2 week germination difference between widows and GSCx.

Because of super ILGM genetics these plants were branching immediately. I tried (wanted) to do SCROG BUT the height difference killed that dream.
I will post them in flower in a sec.


I did remove SCROG. Will post pic today of them in week 4 of flower



as of Sept. 23rd. They are very short. Smaller than autoflower and I know I have to do something about heat. These strains gave me between 11-15 sturdy branches per plant


I know!!! I got em stuffed like a damn tamale!

Lookin good my friend… :wink:
What’s the name of the lights that you are using?
:v: :sunglasses:

They are Mars

Great lights but 2 n a small space is taxing me as far as heat output.

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You can expect LED lights to raise temps about 5 degrees higher than outside the tent. If you are seeing more than that we need to think about what you are doing!

do you have both an air intake and an air exhaust?


Wich mars are these? These guys are looking good !


Got intake at bottom of closet but no exit the top is somewhat loose with space but it is covered to prevent light infiltration next grow I will install ventilation because the little 1k waters throw some heat being so confined

this is the GSCx
She got burnt bad. She recovered nicely but is so so low. I wish she was bigger

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Can I strip those sugar leaves off top of cookies and not hurt her?

You may not be getting enough circulation through the grow area. Most of us run a passive intake and also a 200-400 cfm exhaust fan that will also pull in fresh air and also acts to cool the space. Good air circulation prevents mold and helps keep the space cool. It will also with the addition of a carbon filter help control the smell.

I am against removing leaves. They are much needed by your plant. The only ones I remove are those underneath my scrog that aren’t getting any light.

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Sorry not Mars MORSEN 1000 WATT. Had to dig out boxes

So it’s MORSEN 1k LED PANELS PlUS 2 LED FLOODLIGHT LOOKING THINGS they are either 3M or I believe may be the MARS LIGHTS. THEY GOT THE info on bulbs but I don’t wanna unscrew them to look. They are very strong though and cast blue and red hues odd because not one single led is yellow or red or blue all are white but throw this freaky super bright clear blueish reddish hue. Makes plants go green in some spots over purple full specs. Really pretty though. My circulation is just the 6" rear & 4 inch front at bottom the 4" covers the air intake hole and sucks air in but no way to spit it out yet