I believe I have spider mites. Please, help me

Thank you for sharing. I did not know about the rubbing alcohol mix. If I ever need to I will try that sometime. Thanks for sharing. I’m putting it in my little notebook now.

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This piece says add the alcohol at about 10% to the water. If you read a few others, it seems 10-25% is the min-max you want to use.


just used this hot shot for a week and used both neem oil and the mite-a-cide both as a spray and as a soil drench. If you check out my grow journal i have more details. Just got rid of them.
Didnt use this time but I have in gardens for years. soak a few ciggs/boil them let cool get tobaccoo out of liquid use as a spray or soil drench. Kills and repels.


I know this is an old thread. I thought I might add. I have used Captain jacks dead bug recently and it worked great. It is safe to use in flower as well, just try not to soak the colas. I found on my plants. The mites tend to stay on the larger fan leaves. I never found any on a sugar leaf. I had to use it a few times but it took care of my problem. I also use a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water. It is said to kill mites and there eggs on contact. I only used that for when I found a mite or 2 after the captain jacks for stragglers. I took a bowl with the 50/50 mix, dipped my fingers in it and wiped down the leaves I found a mite one. Worked very well for me. For thrips. I used a few drops of dawn dish washing liquid and water. it got rid of the thrips in one spraying. I just figured if some one else happened on this thread. That may help them as well. I copied the list above. Thank you for posting it @BIGE and @garrigan62 for creating it


@Not2SureYet ,captian jacks works well… it is good to use in flower like you said…lol
always good to have a number of defenses against bugs…

I dont understand the alchol on a flowering plant because when i need to clean my siccors or fingers after trimming alchol takes the resin and oils and stickness off of anything it touches. Does it not break down tricomes

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@Sirsmokes yes alcohol is not good to use on colas. I read it was recommended only to use while you were in veg and lightly. I just use it my self after i have used the captain jacks. I just give a quick wipe to the leaf I see a mite on. I don’t spray it on. I have only had to use it that way a couple times. Captain jacks killed just about every thing. I have only seem mites on my fan leaves when I had them. I am glad to be rid of them though. I wiped the whole tent down with alcohol when I finished my last grow.

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I was curious however you are not the only person i have seen use it. Someone else (i forget who) said they use it because it evoperates quick. But thank you for clearing that up

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you can buy them cheaper …but



I’ve got spider mites. They came in on a store bought rosemary plant. Hard lesson to learn. I’m going to make the tobacco water, add 2 tbsp of dawn dish soap, and add some alcohol too since I’m in veg. Then spray them down in the shower.

Do you guys think I should wait 2 hours then rinse them off with plain water?

I hope you suceed in zapping the spider mites straight to hell, let me know if your recipie works :spider:

I just found these eggs on my plant?? Spider eggs???

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Spidermite eggs are tiny. Could be aphids or maybe stink bugs? I would examine your plant with a jouleers loupe and search for active bugs. Also look for unusual damage.


I walked around my plants and didn’t see any other spots like that one. When I bumped into the bush little flies flew out? Should I spray with tea tree or neem?

I seem to have russet mites myself. I have an old 1960’s microscope and have observed and tortured the little. We’ll leave it there. Tested isopropyl alcohol on 3 seperate leaves. The 4 to1 h2o to alcohol didn’t work quick enough. I watched a couple go through the leaf onto the slide. So I started using a 1 to 1 ratio to knock them down. I have backed it up with fertilome insecticide. ( neem and pyrenthium) Forgive me if i misspelled it. The Black widow was in flower for only a week so i threw her back on veg. The Lowrider auto i am concerned about. She don’t handle the alcohol as good as the widow. I also use neem oil and an with a touch of palmalive to gently wipe down between sprays. Im wondering if I need to toss the 18 gals of soil and 10 gals of coco on the back porch?

I remember was I had my first infestation of spider mites the 2 spotted ones if that. I was freaking out man I mean I had webs on the clones In a separate location. My buddy told me go get a Hot Shot No Pest Strip and I did just that and within 5 to 7 days they was long gone. Just dont use past week 4 in flower. Hope this helps brother. Stay growing

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Enjoy your cake @Countryboyjvd1971

If you would like to cure all pests problems. Google Grow Zorb. I have been using this for a year and have never had a problem with any kind of pest. It’s absorbent, PH neutral (once set that’s it), it is reusable and lets the roots breathe amazing. I don’t know how to post a pic but if you want my email I can send some.


It’s meant to say adsorbant

I had 2 spotted spider mites just 2 weeks ago I faithfully check my plants 2 times or more a day with a little jewelers glass that’s how I caught them the first time I asked a lot of people what to use. I was nervous about spraying anything on them but I whent with peroxide a few drops of dawn dishsoap and took them outside and drenched them underside and top of leaves. Three days later I checked them and all adults were dead there were a few newly hatched babies. I then mixed up captain jacks and did the same soaking. I examined them again 3 days later all the eggs were now an orange color and dead since then no problems. But I check them daily top to bottom here are some pics of my experience.