I awoke to find some nute burn on one of my dolls!


i have some nute burn i believe. my large fan leaves on one plant have yellow discolor on the tips of serations. i watered to check runnoft and it is off my charts…i plan on flushing again in a few hours to get ppm back in range 850-950. these are just some old bag seeds but have been growing well until now.
on my autos in another box; what is best ph range?
I’m growing in sunshine#4 coco/perlite
any feedback/discussion is appreciated ,thanks


I know @Donaldj uses that mix maybe he can help


Sunshine Mix tends to do well with watering ph of 6-6.5 but will greatly depend on your run off ph my plants tend to do best with slightly higher ph than hydro any where from 5.8-6.5 much higher or lower and def start. If your ppm is high flushing is the proper course though I might aim for lower ppm since it will let you reset entirely


is it wise to re-use high ppm runnoft? i have saved my run off and would like to re-use if possible. any ideas on that,good,bad, although these plants are sub-par i would like to see them thrive,they are my first inside grow project.


I wouldn’t but wouldn’t stop me from watering a tree outside with it


i have gotten the ph under control now, ppm still a bit higher than i want but plants seem to be doing better.
no more yellowing of leaf tips and the leafs have done an about face upward!