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Is it ok to trim damaged leaves from a 2.5 week old plant?

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Good Morning! What kind of damage do you have on your leaf! If it is damaged from get water on it or it touches the soil. I wouldn’t worry about minor damage. The plant needs it leaves. I’m sure someone else with more experience will give you an opinion. :blush::v:


I would leave them for now, when another node of growth comes up, you can remove the lower leaves that are damaged. These leaves usually die off later anyways as the bottom doesn’t get the same amount of light when it’s a lot taller.


It’s damage from me :disappointed:. There was a white residue on the leaves one day. I tried to rub it off with my fingers but it didn’t come off. I misted a little water on them and it came off.

A little damage on the first set of leaves is fine and surprisingly common. Whether from shock of the soil or a little nute splash from watering, it’s okay. Unless using a foliar spray, I’d say try not to mist your plant too much. Lensing can happen from water drops and leave little burn marks. Then your questions will really pop up lol. Plant looks good! Happy New year!


I had this same issue on one of mine. It was because i misted and my fan was on and some water droplets got on the leaves and burned it a bit. Glad i looked at this thread because i was stressing a little bit. I thought maybe i turned my light up too much but no other plants had that issue. Happy Growing :slight_smile: